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Press Release: Anya's Garden Perfumes Launches Room Candy - the first 100% natural wax melts

Organic Room Candy - First 100 Percent Natural Fragrance Wax Melts Released by Anya Garden Perfumes  For Immediate Release MIAMI SHORES, Fla./EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 1, 2012 --- Miami-based natural perfumer Anya McCoy once again leads the trends in natural perfumery by launching 100 percent ambient room fragrances in wax melt form. Room Candy takes the latest hottest product on the market and adapts it using 100 percent natural ingredients. Organic beeswax is the wax of choice for this entry into the ambient fragrance line for this is a world-renowned perfumer who is the president of the Natural Perfumers Guild and Director of the Natural Perfumery Institute. Pure essential oils and absolute oils provide the scent for this groundbreaking line of wax melts, also known as wax tarts and wickless candles. McCoy hand-pours the fragrant blend into vintage candy molds she has collected. Testing the wax melts, she discovered that they diffused scent over a 300-square-foot room

ROOM CANDY! - the first 100% natural wax melts - from Anya's Garden Perfumes

I can't burn fragrant candles because I have cats and overhead fans that are always on here in Miami.  So I was limited in fragrancing my home.  I use room sprays and potpourri. Below, read the latest news in my newsletter today - and an incentive to sign up for my newsletter in case you haven't done so - a giveaway.  If you miss this one, there will be future giveaways, great discounts and new products announced in the upcoming months.   Anya Presents Room Candy - the first 100% natural wax melts Fragrances : Outlaw Perfume - the first oakmoss, lime and bergamot chypre room fragrance ever! Lemon Vetiver - sweet candied lemon myrtle with an herbal twist and earthy vetiver Cafe Chocolata - yummy gourmand scent, mouth-watering combo of chocolate and coffee Bay Rum and Honey - dark bay rum and soft honey beeswax smell like a scented topical night Anya once again leads the trends in natural perfumery by launching 100% ambient room fragrances in wax melt form. Room Can

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 29, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

I'm resisting the urge to tincture or enfleurage my ylang ylang or jasmine grandiflorum flowers.  It's a way of 'turning off' the work and just enjoying them for their beauty.  Do you have any questions for me today?  I'll be here all day, since I'm working on my new launch and new edition of the Natural Perfumery Institute's textbook with the wonderful assistance of Andrine Olson.  Also wish to thank Bruce Bolmes for his contributions to the textbook.     Beautiful ylang ylang flower in my garden last week.  Photo by Elise Pearlstine

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 22, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

White champaca - Michelia alba Last week I showed you the beautiful golden champaca, this week I'm sharing a photo of the beautiful white champaca growing in my garden.  What a gorgeous, highly-scented tincture this makes!  It's so strong, I have to dilute it for standardization. Do you have any perfumery questions this week?  I'll be here until 10 PM ET to aid you in your perfumery work.

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 15, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

Good morning, dear friends!  I started drinking high-octane coffee again this week, and I'm wired and have already been very productive this not-very-hot-or-humid morning in Miami.  My front garden is a floral wonderland today, and I'm sharing my photos with you.  I hope they inspire you to grow your own fragrant botanicals, whether you harvest them to scent extraction or not.   I'll be here today, working on my hush-hush new fragrant product, so I'll be answering your natural perfumery questions. Gold Champaca Greeting me at my front door - a vigorous Jasmine grandiflorum plant Not scented in the morning - night-blooming jasmine A closeup of the pretty little nightblooming jasmine flowers Tahitian gardenia - yes, the one Monoi is made from My ylang ylang tree is loaded with blooms A harvest basket before 9 a.m. Wonderful work if you can get it!

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 8, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

Ask the Perfumer is taking the day off to care for the parched plants in the garden and to TCB.  See you next week!

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 1, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

July 1st!  Hope you're having summer fun in the Northern Hemisphere, and cool times in the Southern.  Any perfumery questions today?