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Mystery of Musk Perfume Project - The Natural Perfumers Guild + Giveaway of Kewdra in 10ml decorative bottle on The Non-Blonde blog

The Natural Perfumers Guild Mystery of Musk Project is Launched! July 1, 2010 Kewdra Perfume 10ml giveaway on The Non-Blonde Blog I've created a "blog crawl" in the right column for all the participants in the Mystery of Musk project. Some are the official bloggers (see list below) and some are the blogs of the perfumers participating, and some are of the Natural Perfumery group members who are also reviewing the perfumes. The reviews will be posted July  1 -  7, 2010 for the most part: some bloggers and perfumers had time constraints, and so their reviews will show up later in the month. You can get Google Alerts by using the keywords "Mystery of Musk". On twitter, the hashtag is #momusk. This post is just to get the administrative stuff out of the way. I'll blog in a day or two about the creation of Kewdra, a perfume that went through many changes on her road to release! The entire time I was designing the perfumer was one of great personal and busin