Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Press Release: Anya's Garden Perfumes Launches Room Candy - the first 100% natural wax melts

Organic Room Candy - First 100 Percent Natural Fragrance Wax Melts Released by Anya Garden Perfumes 

For Immediate Release

MIAMI SHORES, Fla./EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 1, 2012 --- Miami-based natural perfumer Anya McCoy once again leads the trends in natural perfumery by launching 100 percent ambient room fragrances in wax melt form. Room Candy takes the latest hottest product on the market and adapts it using 100 percent natural ingredients.

Organic beeswax is the wax of choice for this entry into the ambient fragrance line for this is a world-renowned perfumer who is the president of the Natural Perfumers Guild and Director of the Natural Perfumery Institute. Pure essential oils and absolute oils provide the scent for this groundbreaking line of wax melts, also known as wax tarts and wickless candles.

McCoy hand-pours the fragrant blend into vintage candy molds she has collected. Testing the wax melts, she discovered that they diffused scent over a 300-square-foot room in 10 minutes. McCoy suggests placing used wax into a tissue or cloth or small organza bag and using them to scent bureau drawers or closets.

The vintage mold wax melts, available in the shapes of shells, tulips and flowers, will be packed in a reusable steel tin. There will also be cube-shaped melts packed in recyclable plastic clamshells.

"Wax melts are incredibly easy and fun and fabulously fragrant," says McCoy. "Instead of having to worry about an exposed flame as you would with a candle, even if you use a tea light warmer, the flame is protected by the walls of the warmer, helping to prevent a child or pet mishap."

Since they're made of beeswax, which is a very hard wax, it is best to warm them on a tea light warmer. Some electric wax melt warmers don't get quite hot enough to completely melt the beeswax.

McCoy made perfume history by masterminding the hugely popular Outlaw Perfume project in 2010, and she couldn't resist naming one of her wax melt scents after it.
"Oakmoss is an outlaw fragrance material, restricted for use on the skin by some agencies, yet it is enormously popular among perfumistas, and I realized there was no oakmoss room fragrance! What better way to experience the complex and deep beauty of the oakmoss, combined with other outlaw aromatics like bergamot and lime by creating a Room Candy fragrance?" adds McCoy. Her Outlaw Perfume wax melts are believed to be the world's first oakmoss ambient fragrance.

Scents in the Room Candy line:

- Outlaw Perfume - the first oakmoss, lime and bergamot chypre room fragrance - ever
- Lemon Vetiver - sweet candied lemon myrtle with an herbal twist and earthy vetiver
- Cafe Chocolata - yummy gourmand scent, mouth-watering combo of chocolate and coffee
- Bay Rum and Honey - dark bay rum and soft honey beeswax smell like a scented tropical night

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  1. Congratulations, Anya on another new Natural Product.

  2. I'm loving the sound of these scents! Congrats - great concept!

  3. Yay for you Anya! Can't wait to try this. :0)

  4. They sound lovely...I use soy wax for my melts, although have been following the discussion on the Perfumers Guild yahoo group with interest.

    Good luck with this range Anya.


  5. Congrats Anya! I can't wait to try them out.


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