ROOM CANDY! - the first 100% natural wax melts - from Anya's Garden Perfumes

I can't burn fragrant candles because I have cats and overhead fans that are always on here in Miami.  So I was limited in fragrancing my home.  I use room sprays and potpourri.

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  Anya Presents Room Candy - the first 100% natural wax melts


Outlaw Perfume - the first oakmoss, lime and bergamot chypre room fragrance ever!

Lemon Vetiver - sweet candied lemon myrtle with an herbal twist and earthy vetiver

Cafe Chocolata - yummy gourmand scent, mouth-watering combo of chocolate and coffee

Bay Rum and Honey - dark bay rum and soft honey beeswax smell like a scented topical night

Anya once again leads the trends in natural perfumery by launching 100% ambient room fragrances in wax melt form. Room Candy takes the latest hottest product on the market and adapts it using 100% natural ingredients. Wax melts are also known as wax tarts or wickless candles and have enjoyed huge popularity in recent years, but they always contained synthetic fragrances. Today is the "soft" launch of the Room Candy line, which will go on sale in September. They have much better scent "throw" than essential oil candles because it's possible to add more fragrant oils than is possible in a candle.

Free samples for beta testing! Anya would like feedback from customers in the United States. The first 20 who respond to this newsletter will receive samples of Room Candy. Indicate one or two scents you would like. Just hit reply to this e-mail and provide your address. The samples are molded in vintage candy molds of tulips, shells and flowers, and Anya needs to know how they survive the summer heat. If there are problems the Room Candy will be redesigned with cube molds. Please allow up to two weeks for the samples to arrive. Anya will promptly respond to the first 20 who write. If you don't receive a reply, that means all the beta testing slots have been taken.

Tip: Since they're made of beeswax, which is a very hard wax, it is best to warm them on a tea light warmer. Electric wax melt warmers don't get quite hot enough. Testers will receive full instructions and tips of how to extend the use of the beautifully scented products.

            Tea light candles are guaranteed to quickly warm up and melt the Room Candy.

Electric warmers may need more time and the use of the smaller pieces of Room Candy.

 Room Candy will go on sale in early September.  I will be releasing new scents and other ambient fragrance products, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for giveaway alerts.

More later!


  1. I would like to try these...I will be a beta tester

  2. Nice! Great idea, Anya. As usual, your scent combinations sound delish. I'm disappointed I didn't get in time to be a beta tester, but looking forward to trying these when they are released in September.


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