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Coming back to blog here again!

Hyacinth tincture, signifying springtime renewal In December of 2012 I stopped posting my blog here and instead transferred the existing archive of these blog posts over to my websites at both and .  Well who's to say people can't change their mind and want to reverse an action? It was quite an effort to find a way to log back in here and it took me quite a while but here I am! I will shortly begin the laborious test of bringing the blog posts from 2012 to 2020 back here.  The reason they only go to 2020 is because in April of 2020 I finished the very laborious job of redesigning my perfume course website and we all really sunk into the pandemic and I just decided to take it easy and look to other interests for a while. We all dealt with it in our own separate ways mine was still perfume related but not so much as being in the public eye . In the future I will duplicate my blogs on all