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Louching Explained for the Student Perfumer - Anya's Garden Basic Perfumery Course - Module 6

Louching illustrated from Pernod is a green liquor that turns milky white when water is added.  A lovely step-by-step illustration of louching. In Module 6 of my basic perfumery course's textbook, I introduce the student to the sometimes scary time when your dilution or blend louches. The textbook is almost encyclopedic in breadth and depth, because my beginner students are encouraged to hold themselves in the highest regard, and to that end, be able to converse with professional perfumers, even though they have not achieved that status yet.  Knowing the language and definitons of perfumery is paramount to a great education . Louching – a Blending Phenomenon Something that you need to know about before you begin any serious work on your blends is louching.   This is a phenomenon that you are likely to experience when you are finessing your perfume and you add water to it in order to increase diffusivity.   The word louching desc