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Two of the Natural Perfumers Guild Perfumers have blogged on the Mystery of Musk project so far

Ambrosia Jones' Perfume by Nature JoAnne Bassett Perfumes

IFRA is backing down on some perfume ingredient bans - but not enough

I ignore IFRA. I'm an independent artisan perfumer who is not a member of an organization that is a member of IFRA, so I have no danger of being "publicly shamed" (their words) if I use an aromatic that exceeds their allowable levels, or is prohibited by IFRA. I know the dangers of phototoxicity, allergens, and other problems that may be caused by some aromatics, and I take care forumulating my perfumes to safeguard the safety of my customers as much as possible.  There is a backlash against IFRA, and this shows their weakening stance. Since their regs are built upon, IMO, bad science, I hope it all goes away soon and the mainstream perfumes of old can return.  Here's a link to their latest statement, where the effervescent Jean-Pierre Houri talks about how “This year’s Amendment will hardly affect the palettes of perfumers.” Well, they've destroyed the palettes of perfumers in the past few decades, and that's why many mainstream perfumes smell like

Worst Perfume Bottles - a funny slideshow

Not that I have any time to waste, since I'm up to my eyeballs in work, but I stumbled on this website and had to share.