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Can someone help me block an obsessed stalker?

The gloves are off.  Don't people understand when you back someone into a corner, try to destroy their businesses, and stalk them, there will be consequences? For Mandy Aftel and Carrie Meredith - Update - see below.  The stalker has a stooge.  Harsh words, but those who try to injure someone, and then keep poking that injured party, should be ready if the injured party - me - has had enough and outs them. Click to view - 433 visits from someone who tried to harm my businesses constitutes stalking. The blogger who was groomed by Aftel to do her bidding, and who instigated a boycott against the Guild (can you imagine such an act from someone who is on the Fragrance Foundation's Indie Committee?!) is checking my blog for Aftel, as Aftel did stop obsessively clicking here after the outing the other day.  These folks need to disappear from my life.  Please, just go away. The blog stat image of the stooge blogger is included, below. Carrie Meredith of Eyeliner on a Cat w