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Anya's Garden Perfumes - Light, an Outlaw Perfume Wins a "Best of 2010 Scents" award

I almost missed this mention of "Best Natural Fragrance" on Elena's list on Perfume Shrine! Here's what I wrote on Facebook about the award:  I adore my Light perfume. I was almost afraid to release it, as it went against my typical style, yet I was consumed with creating a modern "cologne" perfume, beautiful and wearable 24/7, year-round. Well, listen to your passion and don't hesitate, because Light was named Natural Fragrance of 2010 by Elena of Perfume Shrine.

The Best in Scent 2010: Rising Star of 2010 Award: Natural Perfumers Guild "Outlaw Perfumer (doing what they darn please."

I'm just soooo happy that the perfumers from the Guild followed me into Outlaw territory and won this award from Elena of Perfume Shrine: Rising Star of 2010 : "Outlaw" perfumers doing what they darn please irrespective of perfumery restriction, just for the heck of it. It was about time...

Natural Perfumers Guild Wins "Best Buzz" Award from CaFleureBon's Best of Fragrance 2010

BEST BUZZ AWARD   MICHELYN: The Natural Perfumer’s Guild Blogger Events: The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume As Ida wrote,   “ It seems inconceivable that there can exist so many gifted natural perfumers, of whom one has never heard”.

Anya's Garden Perfumes - Makes a Top 10 list for 2010 - Keep Warm Without Getting Bored

Monday, December 27, 2010 10 Midwinter Perfumes- Keep Warm Without Getting Bored   6. Anya's Garden: Kewdra - An all-natural and botanical dirty musk, as carnal as it gets and then some.

The Natural Perfumers Guild Honored by Ca Fleure Bon's The Fragrant Year in Review - Best of Scent 2010

The perfumers in the Natural Perfumers Guild worked very hard this year to create perfumes to fit themes that are close to our hearts - botanical and cruelty-free musks, and declaring our independence from nonsensical IFRA constraints. Ca Fleure Bon recognized our efforts in their Best of Scent 2010 awards. December 29, 2010 The Fragrant Year In Review: 2010… From Top to Bottom Notes One of my favorite trends of 2010 was the emergence of Natural Perfumery. Under the auspices of The Natural Perfumers Guild I was honored to participate in two projects they held this year; The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume . These projects exposed me to some very talented perfumers who I think are the rising stars of not just Natural Perfumery but Perfumery. Those names you should be looking for are Charna Ethier, JoAnne Bassett, Alfredo Dupetit , and Jane Cate . This is not to mention the “old hands” like Anya McCoy, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and Alexandra Balah

Anya's Garden Perfumes Kewdra Selected as one of the Best of 2010 Fragrances

Cafleurebon – Best of 2010 Fragrances Dec. 30, 2010 Kewdra  by Anya McCoy for Anya’s Garden Perfumes. 100% natural.   Anya McCoy’s scent Kewdra is named after Kudra the heroine of Tom Robbin’s novel Jitterbug Perfume. I have read this novel several times and have to say my little Mona Lisa smile reveals my “hat’s off” agreement with Anya’s interpretation of this classic heroine. Kewdra is a very sexy sultry 1 st -2 nd Chakra perfume concentrating on a “down and dirty” theme with lots of earthy musky mushroom like scents suggesting sexual fluids and golden honeyed florals giving rise to the image of a healthy fertile woman. I heard that Kudra likes to get down with the God Pan. But you didn’t hear it from me… Notes: Kewda flower, Chinese gardenia, golden boronia, musk.

Natural Perfumers Guild Wins Nod for 2010 Projects - Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume

From The Non Blonde's Best Perfumes of 2010: This is a "Best Of" list, so I'll address one of the most important movements of the year- the growing public interest  in independent artisan perfumery, including all natural/botanical scents. The Natural Perfumers Guild and its current president, Anya McCoy, made a huge contribution to educating the public and promoting the cause and concept of natural perfumery as a luxury product made of the finest ingredients by artists committed to creating beauty. Between the Mystery Of Musk project and the Outlaw Perfumes initiative, McCoy and the Guild pushed several very small lines into the limelights and encouraged the creation of some of the most interesting and vibrant perfumes of recent years. Showing the world what a talented perfumer can achieve when freed from bureaucratic restrictions, I hope the Outlaws will forge a new path and inspire others to take a stand against IFRA. How awesome would it be?

Reminder: Scour websites for best deals on perfumery books

I've built up a great library of perfume books by systematically revisiting websites, looking for a good deal.  The latest is David Williams Perfumes of Yesterday.  The image below is from amazon, and it shows I got the one copy that a seller undervalued for $45.  The almost-$200 cost shown for other copies is more in line with all the other websites.  You have to "sniff" out these bargains, perfumers!  Try not to weep! You, too, can be a perfume book collector: it just requires persistence. Click to enlarge.

"Bloomerang" lilac could be wonderful for natural perfumers

Well, you know how some (me!) natural perfumers love to grow and tincture/infuse/extract the scent from plants in our gardens.  I can't grow lilac here in Miami, but this new plant looks to be a winner for those in more northern climates.  Syringa Bloomerang!    What a name ;-) NPers tincture lilac blooms, but have to devote several years to getting a well-scented alcohol, because of the short blooming season.  Several changes of blooms are needed to reach that well-scented goal, and perhaps Bloomerang can solve that.

Kewdra Perfume from the Mystery of Musk project named as one of 10 Mid-winter perfumes that will keep you warm without getting bored

Well, maybe Gaia of The Non Blonde blog goes a step further - she notes that Kewdra is " An all-natural and botanical dirty musk, as carnal as it gets and then some"  My online store is closed until Jan. 5, 2011, but you can place an order now and it'll be shipped Jan 6th or so.  Use the code "holiday" (without the quote marks) for 10% off. 

Merry Christmas, Perfumers - and the gift is another of Edmond Roudnitska's scanned articles

This is a wonderful article, from a Dragoco Report circa 1986.  Some of the parts of the article are a bit dated, yet much of it still has a lot of relevance to perfumers in 2010.  The title is The World of French Perfume. How did we get where we are? Where do we go from here? The link will take you to a page where other, previous articles are available for download, along with this latest one. I had a bit of trouble scanning this article.  If I scanned it in color, to capture the beautiful illustrations, the text suffered.  I'm not an Adobe expert, and if anyone would like to help me rescan this, please contact me.  In color, it was 116MB, and in black and white, under 3MB.  The only problem is that the photos are very distracting in black and white, and will use a lot of black ink. The article is scanned in landscape format, due to the size and orientation of the pages.  It will print out very nicely in portrait format. Many thanks to Michel Roudnitska, who entrusted me wit

Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute: Now offering chat group for offline students, free aromatics kit, plus much more

Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute is the only perfumery course that allows offline students the chance to take part in daily chats with other students and the Instructor!  Anya has many years experience hosting lively perfumery chat groups and has extended this to her offline students. Nobody left out in the cold! Earning a living as a perfume artist is the goal of every hobbyist, and it must start with well-made perfumes! This year has been a very rewarding one for me, and I have a higher income now than when I was working at a very well-paying corporate job.  It may take years to build up your hobby into a real career, but it can be done. Several of the perfumers who were in the two Guild projects this year have reported to me that they have had great sales as a result. The economy is definitely improving, and you may wish to gift yourself with an investment in your future as a perfumer by studying with me. I have spent years mentoring folks in this group, and more re

Innovative Perfumery Raw Materials Supplier Ecomaat of Bulgaria has joined the Natural Perfumers Guild

Bulgarian Aromatics Supplier Ecomaat Joins the Natural Perfumers Guild Certified Organic products that include those used in perfumery, aromatherapy, medicine, and the flavorings industries. In early summer, 2009, I contacted a Bulgarian aromatics supplier , asking for samples of some of their very exotic raw materials.  I was particularly interested in the lilac CO2, and some SCO2 extracts of rose alba, linden blossom and others.  I blogged about the lilac here .  I gave them feedback, and started a correspondence with them, as they were astounded they had gotten feedback - they say people either buy or they never hear from them again.  I felt they were innovative and taking chances, and I support any supplier in the industry who does that.  I do believe the lilac CO2 has a place in aromatherapy - the fleeting nature of the top note wouldn't matter too much if the psychological effect for a jolt of scent memory was all that was needed. During the evaluation session noted

Perfumery course at Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute

Earning a living as a perfume artist is the goal of every hobbyist, and it must start with well-made perfumes! Be sure to check out the entire site to fully appreciate what is offered. I can share my skills of perfume creation with you with in perfumery course I offer.  So far, just the basic course is offered, but next year the Intermediate course, which delves into refining your blending knowledge, along with scientific approaches, will be held at my studio, and also perhaps online. Then there will be a Graduate level that will also address the details of marketing and sales. You can sign up now and start your studies immediately.  In February, there will be another semester sign-up for students who wish to study in a group, and any student can enter that group and move through the study modules with them. I am available to the online students at any time to help with their studies. The basic course online enrollment includes lifetime access to the

Natural Perfumers Guild deal: Liability Insurance for the Bath and Beauty Microbusiness Community

I am posting this ad for Stratus Insurance. I was in negotiations with them for both the Natural Perfumers Guild and the Yahoo Natural Perfumery group and the natural perfumery community at large. They're offering great rates to the Guild, and some folks might want to join to save over non-Guild rates. Coverage: For Guild members $1/M/$475 non-Guild: $1M/$525   BTW, if you have a business that is not 100% natural perfumery, you can still join in the Stratus deal. I did negotiate on behalf of the NP community, but I realize many here may use fragrance oils or aromachemicals. You can still get this insurance. Just make sure you use this page to apply: At the bottom of the page, if you're not a member of the Guild, check off if you are a member of the Yahoo NP group. I will work with Natasaha Gray to confirm Guild members at this time, since we've had about a dozen new members in the past week and they're not liste

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 10 a.m. to 10 PM EST

Got the blending blues?  Can't figure out what the filter is going on? Ask away.  I'll see if I can be of assistance with your perfumery questions.

Are Human Pheromones in Perfumery just bunk?

Avery Gilbert, Guild Associate and general raconteur on all things olfactory, finds a book that confirms his theory that the hoo-ha over human pheromones is just bunk. 

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, December 5, 2010 - 10 a.m. to 10 PM EST

I'm a little late getting this started today, but I will be here the rest of the day.  Post away!

Anya's Garden Perfumes Eight-Day Hanukkah Giveaway continues

I'm going to try to find a fragrance-related image for each night.  This dreidel-shaped perfume bottle surely fits the bill, and is a lot of fun, to boot. To be in the running to win a 3.5ml mini of any of my perfumes, or the 10-sample set, please visit my Facebook fanpage and use the "suggest to friends" option.  That is, if you are already a member yourself.  If not, please join - and still use the "suggest to friends" option.  The drawings will be held on Dec. 9th and announced here and on the Facebook fanpage.

Anya's Garden Temple Perfume Reviewed on Bois de Jasmin

Victoria of Bois de Jasmin blog honored me with a surprise review of Temple, a perfume I launched in 2007.  Lovely review, thoughtful and touching on spiritual and timeless threads.  Temple was meant to be a limited edition, due to the cost and rarity of the aromatics, but so many crave it, I decided to keep it in stock.  It's wonderful when a few years later, a review pops up that was expected, and validates my dedication to producing quality, timeless perfumes.

The Eight Gifts of Hanukkah - a perfume giveaway to celebrate Light

Anya's Garden Perfumes Celebrates the Festival of Lights with an eight-day perfume giveaway. The Jewish tribe of the Macabees regained control of their temple in 167 B.C., and celebrated the event by lighting an oil lamp.  Despite the fact that there was only enough oil for one day, the lamp burned brightly for eight days.  This is the birth of the miracle of the Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah, or Chanukah, and is commemorated each year.  Typically, foods such as latkes, a potato pancake, are fried in oil in remembrance of the long-lasting oil of the Macabees. I was raised in a "mixed" household, where I was made to attend Catholic school, but where I was allowed to light the Hanukkah candles by my Jewish relatives, while often still wearing the Catholic school uniform, having rushed over after classes to attend the sundown ritual. I'd like to up the ante on Hanukkah gifts, which are often responsible, everyday items like socks and sweaters, by hosting a