Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Natural Perfumers Guild Honored by Ca Fleure Bon's The Fragrant Year in Review - Best of Scent 2010

The perfumers in the Natural Perfumers Guild worked very hard this year to create perfumes to fit themes that are close to our hearts - botanical and cruelty-free musks, and declaring our independence from nonsensical IFRA constraints.

Ca Fleure Bon recognized our efforts in their Best of Scent 2010 awards.

December 29, 2010

The Fragrant Year In Review: 2010… From Top to Bottom Notes

One of my favorite trends of 2010 was the emergence of Natural Perfumery. Under the auspices of The Natural Perfumers Guild I was honored to participate in two projects they held this year; The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume. These projects exposed me to some very talented perfumers who I think are the rising stars of not just Natural Perfumery but Perfumery. Those names you should be looking for are Charna Ethier, JoAnne Bassett, Alfredo Dupetit, and Jane Cate.
This is not to mention the “old hands” like Anya McCoy, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and Alexandra Balahoutis.


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