Can someone help me block an obsessed stalker?

The gloves are off.  Don't people understand when you back someone into a corner, try to destroy their businesses, and stalk them, there will be consequences?

For Mandy Aftel and Carrie Meredith - Update - see below.  The stalker has a stooge.  Harsh words, but those who try to injure someone, and then keep poking that injured party, should be ready if the injured party - me - has had enough and outs them.

Click to view - 433 visits from someone who tried to harm my businesses constitutes stalking.

The blogger who was groomed by Aftel to do her bidding, and who instigated a boycott against the Guild (can you imagine such an act from someone who is on the Fragrance Foundation's Indie Committee?!) is checking my blog for Aftel, as Aftel did stop obsessively clicking here after the outing the other day.  These folks need to disappear from my life.  Please, just go away. The blog stat image of the stooge blogger is included, below.

Carrie Meredith of Eyeliner on a Cat who started the boycott against  the Guild - because the Guild put a member on suspension for violating the Guild code.  What business is that of hers?

Like most business owners, I check my stats for trends and information about who visits my webpages.  I have my perfumerie, the Guild, and my perfume classes pages.   Someone who is fanatically obsessed with me, and who has tried to harm my businesses, shows up on the stats to the point it's stalking.  She also visits my Facebook pages and this blog ALL the time.  I have put her and her abuse behind me, but she obviously lets me occupy a big part of her brain.

I blocked her on facebook, and I never visit her website.  What do I care?  I'm able to move on and not care about bad people.  I want the shocking moments when I see she's been on this blog, or the Guild page a dozen times in one day, to stop.  I want to feel every post I make about my classes, my food & drink line or a review isn't been scanned by her.  I knew she held grudges against other people, and has had many ruined business relationships, but she views me as someone in natural perfumery with some recognition and respect, and she wrecked our relationship because I refused to put up with her screaming like a harpie over the phone..  Meh.

How can I ban her IP from here, my websites, and the facebook pages?  Any and all help is appreciated.


  1. Anya, I am so sorry this has been happening to you. It must be so stressful! It seems to me that it is time to contact the police, or a lawyer at the very least. Hopefully, someone with some internet savvy. Good luck!

  2. Dear Queen:

    My stats show she was on this site last night around 1 a.m., multiple visits, signed out of google to try to hide, didn't work, accessed via feedburner, didn't work, my stat program saw it all. Someone else said try the police, there are stalker laws, and I have not only the campaign she initiated/supported against my business last August, trashing me to bloggers even before that, I have audio recordings of her on the phone, screaming at me, trying to bully me into not releasing my Food & Drink line, and saying I couldn't teach natural perfumery like her, since she wrote the book, bla bla bla. A truly sad, unfortunate person, and stupid me, for putting up with her for so many years. Well, the Guild historian has all the due diligence on this intent to harm me, so it's in there for the record books. I just want her to stop stalking me!

    Thanks for your concern, and thanks to all those who have written me privately, as they are afraid of incurring her wrath. Don't blame them.


  3. Wow. That is a bit scary. Hope you've nipped this in the bud.

  4. Queen, it seems I'm the queen of the run-on sentence when I wake up and post. Not a morning person, LOL. I'm getting a lot of FB support, too. Thanks, everyone.

  5. If you contact your web host, Anya, they will direct you to the part of your user panel that will allow you to ban IP numbers. If it is a dynamic IP number though, your unwanted guest will still be able to visit your website.

    One thing about banning someone from your site in this way, is the fact that you no longer have a track on what they are doing. They can still visit from other places, (work, friends, cell phone, internet cafe, library etc... and even one of the many online proxy websites that mask IP numbers.)

    Sometimes, better the devil you know, and a lawyer who knows how to write a good letter is all that's needed. Print off your stats showing the offending IP address and also print off some old emails that you probably have from her, displaying the headers with the matching IP address of hers. Then head for a lawyer, together with any and everything else you have.

  6. FYI: I am an individual who has an interest in natural perfumes. You have blocked my home IP from your store website and the Natural Perfumer's Guild website.

  7. If you wish, send me a DM on Twitter or message me on Facebook with your IP and I'll have it removed. My webmistress put a block on six IPs last night that she wanted to test, and yours obviously was one. Thanks for writing and thanks for having an interest in natural perfume! I'll try to take care of this in the next day or so. Warm wishes, Anya.

  8. nekosan, i just found the problem. you're in palo alto, right? please email me privately. Thanks, Anya

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Nekosan

    Yes, I figured out the IP when I wrote at 8:41, after speaking with my webmistress. If you wish to know why, please write back here with your email address. I will not put the message through, I will be the only one to see your email. Thanks, Anya


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