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Anya's Garden Perfumes - Free Christmas Tree Scent Room Candy Wax Melt 

It's my way of thanking my customers and giving back with a unique, limited-edition fragrance product. The scent of a fir balsam holiday tree is so beautiful! I miss the scent in my home because I have cats and well, you know what a cat-astrophe that can be with a tree in the house.

As I blended and hand-poured the Room Candy limited edition Fir Tree wax melts I was happy with the thought that these would be my giveaway to 25 lucky customers. Leave a note with any order that you would like a Room Candy Fir Tree wax melt and it will be included in your order, for free! (a $12 value)

Each melt can be relit again and again and will provide many hours of holiday delight. You must have a tea-light burner for these, and observe typical precautions with any flame product. A safe holiday is a happy holiday! (So is a fir balsam-scented holiday!)

25% Holiday Discount

Cheers! is the greeting of the holidays, and it's also the discount code for 25% off Anya's Perfumes and Food & Drink Oils.Click here to begin shopping.

There is a 10% discount on stocking stuffers like Room Candy Wax Melts and Silk soaps using the code holiday. No other discounts apply.

Discounts good through Dec. 2nd. 

Natural Perfumers Guild - Autumn membership special

Repost from last newsletter - Now through Dec. 1st, Guild memberships fees are reduced by 10%. Copy the code 9FBC3 when joining the Guild here to obtain the discount. The Guild has a special lot of prizes that will be given away in December, and these prizes, which range from a $500 Steffen Arctander CD, to Anya's textbook, kits of rare and beautiful essences and more are treasures!
Plus, the Guild is reviving the Apprentice program in early 2013. This is the chance for a novice or beginner perfumer to be matched with a professional perfumer for a year of mentoring. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, join the Guild now and be part of the Apprentice program. Elise Pearlstine, PhD., of Bellyflowers Perfumes will administer the program.

Perfumers Relief Aid - Hurricane Sandy

I live in Miami, and followed the path of Hurricane Sandy, as many who live in areas prone to hurricanes do - they're rattled every time a major storm threatens. When I read about a perfumer's studio being destroyed by Sandy, I decided to try to bring a little holiday cheer into the lives of perfumers in NY and NJ who were affected by that storm. If you wish to donate to the Perfumers Relief Aid effort (PRA) you can read more by clicking here.

In the News

Angel St. John writes for Suite 101 and now has her own blog. She's a lover of all natural products, and she finds my perfumes left her 'spellbound'. She now loves natural perfume so much, she considering studying the art!

Facebook and Twitter

I post about perfumery and for eye candy and some fun, you'll find exquisite, touching and humorous photos and images on her Facebook pages on a regular basis. She's also on Twitter, where you can engage with her on all sorts of topics. To join in the enjoyment of her posts, just click on a link to follow me.
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