A Natural Perfumers Guild Project - Home for the Holidays Ambient Fragrance - Plus a Giveaway!

Added:  Good luck to everyone in the draw! (See below in the comments section)

Elena of Perfume Shrine blog reviewed my Room Candy, and she is hosting a draw over there - so leave a comment on her blog and you will double your chances of winning!  http://www.perfumeshrine.blogspot.gr/2012/11/home-for-holidays-home-fragrance-project.html


As the holiday season approaches, and homes and apartments are closed up against the cold weather, thoughts turn to making the indoors fragrant - naturally.  Home for the Holidays is the Natural Perfumers Guild's answer to indoor natural fragrance for this time of year. Call them room fragrance, ambient fragrance, the terms mean one thing - make your place smell nice!

Flora, the Guild muse, is bundled up with boots and a sweater to ward off the chilly weather.  When she goes inside, she can enjoy the Home for the Hoilday scents.
 Ambient fragrances include scented candles, potpourri, incense, room sprays, reed diffusers and in my case, wax melts aka wax tarts.

When the invitation went out to Guild members to join in the project, we found that less than a dozen made ambient fragrances.  We're hoping that this project not only showcases the beauty of the products made by the participants, but will also encourage others to begin making natural alternatives to the sometimes toxic room sprays, plugins and other commercial room fragrances that contain synthetic chemicals.

I decided to experiment making wax melts.  Having heard stories of how difficult it is to make candles with "throw" (diffusion) with natural oils, I thought perhaps removing the flame from direct contact with the oils might solve the problems - and it sure did!  When I sent beta testers sample wax melts in August, many wrote to tell me that the wax melts filled their homes, even large homes, with scent.  Several have high-ceiling homes, and they said the melts were successful.  What a revelation!
Set of Room Candy available in the giveaway

My Room Candy wax melts are 100% organic, from the golden beeswax to the essential oils and absolutes used to fragrance them.  They're hand poured into vintage candy and cookie molds, thus the name Room Candy.  Very attractive!  I couldn't resist making the first one - Outlaw Perfume - in homage to the blockbuster Guild project of 2010 that challenged governmental interference in perfume formulations.  I believe my Outlaw Perfume wax melts are the first-ever chypre-style room fragrance materials, featuring the legendary oakmoss as the key ingredient, topped with citrusy bergamot and lime.

Each melt offers at least six hours of scented natural beauty for your home, and can be creatively reused/recycled!

Lemon Vetiver is just that.  The lemon candy scent comes from lemon myrtle, and the vetiver is the rootsy, woodsy, comfort scent that anchors it.  Bay Rum and Honey is a perfect scent for the holidays, because the eugenol in the bay rum evokes the candies and cookies of the holiday season.

Through Nov. 5th - use the code roomcandy at checkout to receive 10% off your order at http://anyasgarden.com/roomcandy.htm

In my next newsletter, I'll announce the availability of my limited edition holiday scent - Christmas Tree, made with yummy fir balsam absolute an other conifers.  They're made in Christmas tree-shaped molds in keeping with the theme.  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to receive my updates and sales: http://anyasgarden.com/signup.htm

If you leave a comment on this blog about Room Candy, you'll be in the random draw to receive a set of Room Candy fragrance of your choice, and included will be a tea light burner.  Drawing open until Nov 4 midnight. 

Tea light burner included in the giveaway.

Please visit the other blogs to read about the variety of naturally-scented products that Guild members offer for room fragrances.

Guild members participating in Home for the Holidays:

Holistic Body Therapy
Anya's Garden Perfumes
Belly Flowers Perfumes
JoAnne Bassett Perfumes
Mermade Magickal Arts
Happy Herbs Soaps

Bloggers participating in Home for the Holidays:

Feminine Things
Wiener Rosengard
Perfume Critic
Dr. Marlen
Perfume Shrine
The Passionate Perfumista

That Smell
Ca Fleure Bon


  1. Anya, please include me in the draw :)

  2. Oh, I'd love to win Outlaw Perfume! It really is the first chypre room fragrance? Probably. I don't recall seeing any other.

  3. So cool! Great work. Can't wait to try them.

  4. A chypre room fragrance? What a wonderful idea! it is the perfect way to
    enjoy oakmoss without restraint!

  5. Wow! A chypre room fragrance! What a great idea!
    I can't wear oakmoss on my skin due to intense rashes
    but I would happilly try it as an ambience scent!

  6. Everybody should be just natural essences and only natural! Thank You, Anya, that you are! Oh I wish I was the lucky one, I wish it so much....

  7. Everybody should be just natural essences and only natural! Thank You, Anya, that you are! Oh I wish I was the lucky one, I wish it so much....

  8. Everybody should be just natural essences and only natural! Thank You, Anya, that you are! Oh I wish I was the lucky one, I wish it so much....

  9. I am happy that I was alerted to your work. Please include me in your newletter & draw.

  10. I am happy to learn about your work. Please include me in your newsletter and drawing. Sherran

  11. How clever that you can use this as furniture was after using it to scent your room. I have lots of antique pine that loves being waxed. Do you think I could use the Room Candy before the oil is gone so my furniture would smell like the scent. That would be awesome!!! Please include me in the draw.

  12. Would love to win the room perfume - I do appreciate your knowledge and artistry.

  13. Please include me in the draw for room fragrance. Might you also have an assortment of fragrances available in a single purchase?

  14. Great idea!
    I would like to try some "Room Candy".

  15. ooh! a chypre room fragrance.... I would love to try that.
    I don't scent my home enough, because when I work on perfuming I need the scent of the place to be ambient... of course, all the materials I work with do wonders in scenting the house anyway, so I guess it's a win win situation.
    I am grateful for Sabbath, a time when I do not work, I try and scent the room before the sun sets and enjoy

  16. ooh, chypre room frangrance.... I would love to try that.
    I don't scent my house often, because when peruming I need the scent to be ambient, but then again, the materials I work with do wonders towards scenting the house as I work, a win win situation really
    I am grateful for the sabbath, a night and day that I do not work. I try and prepare a tea light before the sunset, and enjoy the rest of the evening.
    my recent scent is all the leftover florals from Anya's kit #2 milfleured into an especialy Luscious boquet

  17. Bay Rum and Honey...Yum! I'm excited to smell the Christmas tree as well. This has gotten me in the mood for Xmas, break out the decorations!:-)

  18. Good luck to everyone in the draw!

    Elena of Perfume Shrine blog reviewed my Room Candy, and she is hosting a draw over there - so leave a comment on her blog and you will double your chances of winning! http://anyasgarden.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-natural-perfumers-guild-project-home.html


  19. Whoops! Haven't had my coffee yet! Here's Elena's link http://www.perfumeshrine.blogspot.gr/2012/11/home-for-holidays-home-fragrance-project.html


  20. I came here after reading Elena's review and drawing....I am excited for your new product line and intend to try it whether I win a draw or not.

  21. I'm so glad I checked back at Perfume Shrine and saw this update! Thank you so much for the draw; I would most like Outlaw, but they all sound great.

  22. Thanks Anya for a second chance to be in your drawing. I strive to do all things naturally for myself and my family so that I can reduce the amount of toxins that are introduced into our bodies. I am going to be starting a business soon, and I wanted to use a nice but non toxic scented product to add a little charm. I feel fortunate that I came across your website when doing research to find a natural scent product. I appreciate the care you put into your product. Your high standards will be a great benefit to myself and many others.

  23. Cosmosmoon8811/04/2012 1:22 PM

    I love the idea of outdoor scents inside the home...

  24. Lydia, you are the winner of the Room Candy! Please send me your mailing info via http://anyasgarden.com/contact.htm


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