From The Vintage Vault: Dragonfly and botanicals in pewter enwrap crystal perfume bottle

I purchased this bottle from England.  The quality of the crystal is impeccable, and the pewter is fancifully beautiful, with dragonfly and botanical figures.  I believe the bottle would hold two ounces (60mls) of perfume.

The bottle is clear crystal, but my camera's lighting makes it look grey here.

Anyone have an idea how old it is?

I admit I'm embarrassed but at the moment, I can't remember the industry term for a bottle such as this, purchased to be filled with perfume, unlike a perfume you purchase from me or a perfume house that of which is a commercial bottle.

Here's a nice reference to differenty types of bottles.  I'll take some time and try to refresh my memory.  Can anyone assist with the name of this type of bottle?


  1. Thanks for Give this Information about this I like for this Post for all Perfume user thanks for share this


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