Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do you want to be a professional perfumer? Study with world renowned perfumer Anya McCoy at the Natural Perfumery Institute

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Do you want to be a perfumer?  Do you want to be a perfumer who takes a basic course that covers dozens of topics in professional perfumery, in addition to learning professional techniques as taught by the French schools?  We all know the French schools are impossible to get in, because they only accept a few dozen students a year, plus they teach about artificial/synthetic perfume materials. The classic techniques of those schools are brought into the light by my course, except I teach only natural materials. The course launched in 2007, and is imitated, but never duplicated ;-)

The Natural Perfumery Institute's course was the first natural perfumery course to offer:

- Instructions on how to properly dilute materials for evaluation and making accords.  This method save money and allows the student to smell the aromatic "opened up". If you're blending with undiluted materials - stop! You're wasting money and time.

- The NPI was the first to offer online student discussion forums.  My students are able to network with each other, interact with the faculty, ask questions and receive updates from the NPI when they are issued.  You'll never feel isolated with my course, you're part of the NPI student body and you're always connected.

-  The textbook for the NPI course is professionally edited by a technical editor who is also a natural perfumer.  No other course offers this level of expertise.  We have many students enrolled who do not have English as their first language, and they find the textbook clear and precise.  Other workbooks and manuals don't have the dozens of educational topics covered in the 350-page color-illustrated NPI textbook.

-  I upgraded the functionality of record-keeping forms by creating some in Excel.xls format, making them easily searchable and able to hold an infinite amount of data.

-  All of the faculty members are professional perfumers.

-  The NPI is the only teaching facility that offers two options:  Home-Based textbook-only for $500, and Online-Interactive, with access to the teaching website with recorded lectures, videos, bonus modules and access to me whenever necessary to answer questions for $2600.  Home-based students may upgrade to Online-Interactive at any time.

Please visit the website and write me with any questions you may have.  I am very proud that I can share my decades of perfumery studies and business experience (I had the first natural perfume line in the USA, started in 1991) with you and help you on the path to becoming a natural perfumer.

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