Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Beautiful scented flowers comfort and help us: Autumn is planting and renewal time in Miami

This photo was taken the weekend my mother had major surgery.  Though sniffing the beauty of the peach-scented frangipani (plumeria) I can see the sorrow and worry I'm trying to hide. Flowers are a blessing and a comfort in times of pain, that is why we bring them to people who are ill. My entire garden is a comfort zone, full of scent and beauty.

I have some huge cuttings of this particular frangipani and I'll give them free to anyone in Miami.  Just email me and we'll make arrangements.

Part of the front garden next to the walkway was giving me a lot of problems with weeds.  Despite my new landscape guy insisting on weed killer spray, I persisted in using a scuffle hoe.  It took two months to finally get the persistant nutgrass to give up, but it has!  I have some fragrant plants and pretty annuals that will go in there soon.

Fall is the time of renewal in Miami, when most of North America is harvesting and and putting their garden to sleep, we're awakening ours.


  1. Lovely post & photo! Wish I could smell those flowers.
    In Portland, OR it's also a great time to plant gardens. The weather is perfect and soon the rains will give new plantings the water they need to establish deep roots. Also, I don't cut back perennials until February because I love the seed heads in winter and so do the birds. For fall fragrance I am awaiting the first blooms of Hamamelis virginiana, & Sarcococca saligna, followed by winter blooming Daphne. All are planted by my front porch.

  2. Hi Suzinn:

    Yes, your part of the world is mild compared to most at that latitude. I know you'll enjoy some lovely scents from the plants you named - all unknown to me!



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