Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From the Vintage Vault - Antique East Indian Perfume Case with Bottles

I snapped this wooden perfume case up, even though it looked a little rough, and one bottle was missing.  Sadly, another bottle broke during transit, and only four of the original six remain.  The bottles stoppers are fused into the bottle very strongly, and I'll think about trying to get them open.  Only a tiny scent, very oxidized, remains where the stoppers meet the bottles, nothing I can identify.

Do you love antique perfumery items?  I sure do, and I like sharing them with you.  It's been a long, lazy summer, and now I am going to revive my Vintage Vault series.  I have LOTS to share with you!

Spare, elegant gilt work on the top of the box
The silver mirror is tarnished.  I wonder what faces gazed into it as the lady (ladies) who owned it dabbed on the perfumes?

Lovely that the key survived all these years, along with four of the original bottles.


  1. Such perfume wraiths, still held within those bottles!

  2. A lovely and unique piece of perfumery history, I can only imagine the hands that caressed the bottles.....

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  4. Oh my goodness, this is a really beautiful piece. I don't know if I would be able to contain myself if I had the opportunity to smell what was inside those perfume bottles.


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