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Tahitian Gardenia

Vietnamese gardenia

The photos are of the Vietnamese and Tahitian gardenias growing in my front garden in Miami Shores.  I've been making enfleurage pomade from them, and it is heavenly!  I just added two new tiny varieties of the Tahitian gardenia to my collection - Heaven Scent.  They're double flowered!

My co-author and I are in the midst of writing all the extraction secrets up for my book, Perfume From Your Garden.  We're at opposite ends of the country, so we'll have most growing zones covered.

Today is Ask the Perfumer Sunday, and I'll be here until 10PM ET to answer your perfumery questions.


  1. Hi Anya,
    A while ago a natural perfumer referred to another natural perfumers style as being "very french". I don't understand exactly what that means. Could you possibly expalin this to me?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Anon
    (please sign your posts, makes it more personable)

    That might have been me. Since I get to smell so many of the perfumes from around the world, I have noted the British, French, Italian, American styles. There might be more, but they don't come to mind right now. The French style is very classical in structure, with a hint of 'dirty' (sometimes.) British - clean, innocent. Italian - floral, citrusy, no 'dirty'. American - innovative, breaking new ground in structure, materials, sometimes sweet, sometimes dirty.


  3. Is there anyone making a pure lilac extract? Pacifica's French Lilac is lovely but doesn't contain lilac oil. I plan to try Rochester Lilac. Are you familiar with it? Thanks.

  4. Hi Annia:

    Natural Perfumers Guild supplier Ecomaat in Bulgaria is making a lovely lilac CO2. It's tricky to blend into a perfume because of the waxes, but it can be done. Rochester Lilac is synth.



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