Monday, April 23, 2012

Anya's Garden Perfumes - Module 1 of the Natural Perfumery Institute's basic course

A main element of the basic natural perfumery course from the Natural Perfumery Institute is the intent to bring the student a strong foundation in all aspects of perfumery.  Below is a sample of one of the technical reports known as a GC - gas chromatograph.  The basic course does not go far into the reading of such a technical report, as that requires much more in-depth study to be able to interpret.  Being aware of such reports, and knowing some of the basics of it, and why it is valuable, is covered.


1.12:  Forms, Sheets, and Charts for Module 1                                                       
Organoleptic Evaluation Forms                                                                               
Organoleptic Evaluation Form - Sample                                                              
Organoleptic Evaluation Form                                                                             
Aromatic Lexicon                                                                                                 
A Chart of Relative Intensity/Impact Levels of Natural Aromatics                                   
Sample MSDS Sheet                                                                                           
Sample Certificate of Analysis       
Sample of Gas Chromatography Report (GC)                                                     

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