Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's a late start today, not just because of the time change in the USA, but I'm just feeling lazy - which is much better than feeling stressed!  Ask away until 10 PM EST, USA, I'll be here on and off throughout the day to answer your perfumery questions.


  1. Dear Anya:

    I remember something about a blending software you were working on. I forget the details, but it seemed intriguing. Can you tell me more?

    Mathew in Arcadia

  2. When I tinctured frankincense it came out all sticky. Can you help with some advise?

  3. Dear Matthew:

    It's part of the Intermediate Study syllabus of my courses. Beta testing needs to be done and the program polished. It'll then be a subscription-based offering of the Institute.


  4. Dear Annette:

    Pour off the top titration, leaving as much 'goo' in the jar. The top titration won't be too sticky when blended with other aromatics and alcohol.



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