Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Vintage Vault - Aromatic Beauties from a Perfumer's Collection

I've decided to get serious about creating a photo album of my perfume treasures.  I have never had the heart to break this bottle to get at the contents.  I have tried every method possible to get the stopper out, but to no avail. I adore cassie absolute, so you know I have great self control - and a respect for a true antique.
1906! I think you can click the image on to enlarge it.  You can see the one-ounce bottle is about 2/3rd full.  Another perfume once told me to smash the bottle with a hammer and filter the contents. NO!


  1. Break the bottle? Sacrilege!

  2. Anonymous and Francesca, I gasped when she said that. I learned over time she was quite a smasher, lol!


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