Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Love the Guild - Natural Perfumers Guild membership event now through February 14th

"Love the Guild" membership event - Now through February 14, 2012

 We'd like to invite you to join the Natural Perfumers Guild during one of our rare membership events.  Now through February 14th, all new members will enjoy 12% off the membership fee, and will be eligible for the drawing of natural perfumery-related gifts. Please visit and use the code 1B6DE36B0C for the discount.

The Natural Perfumers Guild is an international organization dedicated to all aspect of natural aromatics - history, growing, distillation and extraction, supply, regulations, perfumers, associates, suppliers and friends. 
Now in our fifth year, the Guild boasts a dynamic community discussion forum, several committees that address issues and opportunities and high Internet visibility due to several successful and thought-provoking blogging events such as the Mystery of Musk, Outlaw Perfume, Brave New Scents, Joy in January and more.

Please visit our website and let me know if you have any further questions.  We hope to see you in the Guild!

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