Friday, February 24, 2012

Frankincense Friday - Magickal Katlyn's beautiful stash

Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magickal Arts is a lovely artist in two realms: graphic arts and fragrant arts.  I have written about her before, praising an incense warmer she sells which allowed me to experience incense again, since an allergy had not allowed me to "burn" incense.  Then I blogged about another gadget of hers, a vaporizer.  This little vaporizer allows the incense maker to quickly evaluate a new resin, wood or other material to determine if it has a nice fragrance for a blend.

She is known for sourcing the most beautiful and rarest fragrance ingredients.  She was on a quest to obtain some Hojari recently, to replenish her supply, which goes into her incense and is also for sale on her website as raw material for incense makers.

Here are some wonderful photos she shared with me of her recent acquisitions.  Oh, so wonderful!


  1. I am astounded just seeing all those different kinds of Frankincense in one place. I bet that library smelled amazing even without burning anything. I am curious about a Frankincense type called "Fasus" which is supposed to be harvested only for the Sultan Qaboos. As the story goes that the smoke raises in a straight line and if you were to hold a piece of paper over it the smoke would go through the paper and not around! Have you come across any "Fasus"?

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    I'm unaware of this Fasus. Perhaps you can write Katlyn or Trygve, as they are the frankincense experts.


  3. Anonymous is probably referring to Fusoos grade frankincense. I prefer the Hougary but both are amazing. I've managed to sample a lot of frank in the last few years and still feel Katlyn finds the best out there.

  4. Oh my, all that frankincense in one room. I see why she is smiling. :) Katlyn's frankincense is what I use in my burner.

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