Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, January 29, 2012 - until 10 PM EST

A busy Sunday is in store: tying up a zillion loose ends for the Love the Guild project, still thanking all the respondants on Facebook who replied with love and loyalty to the statement below, planting veggies, visiting mother and giving up on my mimosa enfleurage project, going for the tincture instead. 

My blooming mimosa tree Acaci farnesiana

I'll be here until 10 PM tonight EST to answer your perfumery questions.  Hope you have a great Sunday!

Here's my FB post:

May I ask a favor of you, and I rarely ask favors, so please bear with me. Would it be possible that you "share" and "like" when I post about the course I teach or the Guild?


Last year on this date, someone decided to try to harm my businesses, and a lot of behind the scenes maneuvers were done for months to try to make my businesses less competitive. I decided to wait it out, not take any action, and to take the high road.

It took a lot for me to open up like this, to be vulnerable and let people know there was someone conspiring against me out of jealousy/competition. I was controlled for so long by being screamed at over the phone (think a female version of Mel Gibson when he was ranting on the phone), and then seeing that person try to sabotage the Natural Perfumers Guild (starting and supporting a boycott against the Guild), and my educational course, and even my Food & Drink oils launch, that I needed a full year to deal with the fallout.

Now I am out of the year's quiet time, and I really would love to build up my visibility again, and I believe you can help me by taking the actions I've asked. I always "share" and "like" posts by Guild members and FB friends, and for the first time, I'm asking for reciprocity. I would truly appreciate this.

PS: If you're not subscribed to my personal page, you can subscribe so you see my posts in your news feed.

Thanks so much, xoxo,

Hundreds replied, or if they didn't reply directly, started sharing and liking. Many knew who I was speaking of, but graciously, none mentioned her name. Many figured out that she used someone as a pawn in August to further her attack against my businesses. The support was touching.  Five bloggers want to interview me/promote my business, etc.  A blogger surprised me yesterday with a review of Amberess.

It's an evil and heinous thing to try to harm someone's business.  This person killed the Guild once, and tried to kill it again last August by starting and  supporting a boycott of the Guild perfumers!  Can you imagine such a mind?  She underestimated how strong a foundation the Guild has now under my leadership, and how loyal my true online friends are.  About six of her friends wrote to quit the Guild, all using similar language, which actually made me smile, as she fed them the words. Mandy Aftel.

All's well that ends well, and the Guild, my educational course (the best out there, ask me questions about it, if you like), and my perfumerie are robust and profitable. Thank you, everyone who didn't play politics.


  1. Oh no Anya what happened with the mimosa enfleurage that it failed?

    And who is the nasty person?

  2. Dear Marcy

    Well, the tiny "puffball" flowers took to the grease like white on rice - they stuck. I tried to get every bit out to recharge the shortening, but there was a lot of debris stuck behind. I had a bad feeling, so I didn't recharge the fat, and yep, a nice mold grew, so I tossed it.

    I'll be very happy with a tincture, it's going to be lovely!

    About the nasty one, her name is best left out of the blog, don't want to dirty it up, LOL!


  3. Can you help me locate strawberry and other fruit essences? I want to make a perfume for my niece an she loves fruity scents.


  4. Dear Arlene:

    You can tincture freeze-dried strawberry leather in 190 proof alcohol, and do the same with other fruits. Age it a few weeks, strain the fruit out, check and see if it's strong enough. If not, add more, repeat. There are no true natural oils or isolates of strawberries. There are some fruit flavoring isolates/compounds from Europe, but they often, if not always, contain synthetic isolates.


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