Happy New Year and Welcome to New and Renewing Natural Perfumers Guild members!

I was going to write a year-end roundup, but time constraints and the general holiday duties got in the way - maybe tomorrow or early next week.

I am so happy to share with you that the Natural Perfumers Guild is pleased to announce that noted aromatherapist and author Victoria Edwards has joined us as an Associate.  After returning to the USA from seven years in France, Victoria will be relaunching her website VictoriaLeydet.com in the upcoming months.  An aromatherapist since the 1970s, Victoria wrote a chapter in her book The Aromatherapy Companion on natural perfumery (available on amazon) waaaay back in the last century :-)  Her essential oils and absolutes are stellar, and I have used several of them in my perfumes, so I welcome her reopening her store.  She also makes all-natural body creams and balms, and other aromatherapy products.  Welcome back, Victoria.

PS: Next week, the Guild website will have a new look, mid-month, the Guild members will have a very joyful blogging and reaching out to the community blog event, and look forward to a few surprise announcements.  

In addition to Victoria, the Guild warmly welcomes new members and renewing members in all categories.

  • Opalescent Natural Perfume - Christine 

  • Maui Perfume - Jackie Cummings


  • Sororia Organics - Joyce Noerr


  • Ellenoire Bath and Body - Noelle Smith
  • StephanieK Naturals - Stephanie Vinson
  • Robert Tisserand Aromatherapy - Robert Tisserand
  • Green Scentsations - Mindy Green
  • Nothing Perfume – Michael O’Malley
  • Ingrid K - Ingrid Kutschbach
  • Fragrance Sciences – Barry Gibson


  • Flora Medica - Valerie Cooksley

  •  Aromatics International - Karen Williiams
  • Aqua Oleum - Alec Lawless


  •  Heather Tobin
  • Pat White
  • Dr. Peter Stefanides

  • Susan Anderson


  1. Wishing all NPG members a very Happy and Fragrant New Year! Thank you Anya for all your hard work.

  2. Hi Jane

    Happy new year to you, and I hope you get to know your new NPG colleagues in our chat room, and perhaps in a project.



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