Tuesday, October 18, 2011

e-Book Review: Essential Living by Aromatherapist Andrea Butje

Essential Living
Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home 113 pages
Aromahead Institute
Andrea Butje


Andrea Butje, instructor at the Aromahead Institute and longtime legend in the aromatherapy (AT) community, has released Essential Living Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home,  an e-book that is a treasure for those who love to use essential oils and hydrosols.  Andrea's basic research on fragrant, earth-easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your life makes Essential Living a must-have. I keep it on my desktop so I can open it quickly when I need some tips. 

I really appreciate the comprehensiveness of the topics covered in the 15 chapters:

1. Introduction to Aromatherapy / 3
2. Your Essential Oil Tool Kit / 8
3. Basic Aromatherapy Applications / 14
4. The Kitchen / 20
5. The Bathroom / 24
6. Beauty and Skin / 29
7. Medicine Chest / 41
8. The Living Room / 53
9. The Bedroom / 62
10. Caring for Kids / 69
11. The Office / 80
12. Patio and Outdoor Spaces / 87
13. Travel / 93
14. Emotional Well Being / 100
15. Aromatic Indulgences / 105
Appendix: Resources
The Author

Everything is laid out for you in a clear, beautifully illustrated manner.  Once you breeze through Andrea's basic Introduction to Aromatherapy (most of us can use a bit of a refresher on the subject, or maybe you're a complete novice to AT) you can quickly scan to a subject you desire more info about.  Those who travel a lot will appreciate the Travel section.  You'll find the introduction to that chapter pretty much sums up what you need to consider when travelling, and then the items are covered, one page to each topic.

For example, first there are tips on boosting your immune system so you can better fight off strange microbes, then anxiety relief, hand sanitizer, crowded spaces immunity inhaler, hotel linen spray and travel salve for your skin.

Staying at home or working in your office is covered, too, of course.  You'll get instructions on how to set up your essential oil kit, and how to use the EOs and hydrosols in your kitchen, bathroom, for medicine, caring for your kids - and something I never thought of, but Andrea did - patios and outdoor spaces.  We both live in Florida, and outdoor living is year-round here, so I particularly appreciate this chapter. To round out the topics, Andrea makes sure we take care of ourselves with the Emotional Well Being chapter and who can resist Aromatic Indulgences?
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The one thing I might suggest that Andrea include for the second edition?  Cooking and Beverages made with essential oils and hydrosols!  I've been cooking and making drinks with essential oils since 1978 and using hydrosols in food and drink since 1989 (the May 1989 rose hydrosol from Turkey).  Aromatherapy for the taste buds - dill weed, cilantro - yum! Andrea, we've got to talk :-)

The book is beautifully illustrated with relevant images to reinforce the topic being covered. Being an e-book, you'll find that you can load it onto a device and take it with you wherever you are, making it very convenient.

Andrea provides an info-paced appendix to help you source many of the items mentioned in the book, and links to some professional organizations for those who are inclined to look deeper into aromatherapy after reading this book.

The e-book is reasonably priced at $19.95 and once downloaded, you'll find that you're immediately immersed in the easy recipes and great tips. I know you'll have as much fun as I did quickly making up some blends, and transforming your household and office cleaning routines while lowering your stress level and heck, smelling great at the same time.

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