Stunning Scent Strip Fan Created for Francis Kurkdjian Perfume

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I love perfume, and I love design and I love fierce, and they all come together in this fan.  It was created by artist Sylvain le Guen for the Anniversary crystal edition of perfumer Francis Kurkdjian's perfume.  The fan was, of course, scented with the perfume.  It may be viewed at the The Fan Museum in London. 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8ER. Of course Lond has a fan museum!  Wouldn't you love one of these?  Do you think it's inspiring you to make a similar one, of your own design?


  1. Just gorgeous! What else could be a better company than this.

  2. I want one! I have a HUGE fan collection and simply have no choice but to make some like this for the new scent room.... G G G GGORGEOUS!


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