Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, August 14, 2011 - until 10 PM EST

Hi Everyone - it's a lazy, hazy, hot Sunday. A fragrant scent cloud hugs the ground in Anya's Garden. I'll admit I'm intoxicated by the fragrances blooming all around me and I hope I can answer your questions in a timely manner. Have you ever been overwhelmed, in a good way, but the fragrance of summer blooms? Magnify that in the Miami summer, blessed with a Full Moon radiance. Yawn. Stretch. I think the narcotic blooms are taking me over!


  1. In response to your question. Have you ever been overwhelmed by summer's fragrant blooms? Yes!
    In August of 2006 I spent a month on Maui, Hawaii. Late one evening when returning from a friends house in Haiku, I recall a fragrance in the air that was so wonderful and so surprising it made me cry. That is a moment, I don't think I will ever forget!

  2. Hi Sheree:

    Natural aromatics in any form have the ability to touch our deepest emotions, don't they? I think we just feel so connected with the earth, our souls and our hearts that we can be overwhelmed.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Hi, Anya!
    I wonder if you had any insight on blond tobacco absolute, it seems to have disappeared from the world market, and my bottle turned when we moved and it got stuck in hot storage in Jacksonville for a month! :-( Any sources you can recommend, or am I better off tincturing the organic leaf myself?

  4. Hi Marla:

    Something must be going on with the blond tobacco market. Just two days ago a Guild supplier mentioned to me that she was having a hard time sourcing it. I'm glad I have a good amount stored, since I use it in the kits for my students.

    Let me look into the situation by contacting some of the big supply houses. Please check back in a few weeks and ask your question again. I hope to have good news.

    Don't tincture the leaf: you'll pull the nicotine into the alcohol, and that is absorbable through the skin, and can be deadly. The blond tobacco is nicotine-free.

    Best wishes,

  5. Sheree, I forgot to tell you your order went out a day after you placed it, so you should get it early this week. Thanks so much for making a purchase from Anya's Garden Perfumes.


  6. Yikes, thank you, Anya! I had a feeling I should ask you first before experimenting in the lab....


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