Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, July 17, 2011 - until 10 PM EST

A question that frequently comes up is: how long do I have to age my compound before mixing with alcohol to create the juice, and then how long do I have to age the juice? Or, do I mix the compound with the alcohol and then age? Let's discuss.


  1. Anya,
    Your opening comment poises the perfect questions. Perhaps I start
    with do you age with or without
    As always, thank you for all your

  2. Hi Denise:

    I age with alcohol, because as you know from the textbook, I make the perfume mods with the already-diluted aromatics. When I am ready to make the perfume, I mix the compound by weight, and add the alcohol by volume.

    There are many techniques, and I wanted to talk about them, but it's a lazy, quiet Sunday, and not much chat.

    Then, of course, there's the techniques taught in the Intermediate course ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by


  3. I'd love to hear anything you were hoping to talk about. I don't feel I know enough yet to bring anything to the conversational table, but I'm eager to learn.


  4. Hi Anya,

    My question is about making light perfumes. A lot of customers seem to want something light, fresh etc. A lot of them seem to really want citrus notes specifically. As we all know, this is not so practical in a natural perfume; the customer winds up disappointed about longevity.
    When formulating a perfume, how do you negotiate between these two conflicting things?

  5. Hi Laura:

    I was hoping for a conversation with others who use different techniques, but since it's the height of summer here, not much activity for the chat. Even Twitter is in the doldrums ;-)


  6. Hi Fallah:

    Look for accessory notes that are citrus-y, such as lemon myrtle. They will prolong the citrus experience. Also use light mid-note fixatives like copaiba balsam, and try fixing your alcohol with up to 5% glycerin or benzoin.



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