Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 - 10 a.m. to 10 PM EST

It's chilly here in Miami, only up to 70F today!  Still, the aglaia is blooming, some jasmines are blooming, and so the perfume making obsession is still fueled by nature.  Are you frozen in somewhere? Want to talk about the beautiful aromatics that make our life better? Ask your questions until 10PM EST USA today.


  1. Anya, we have 32 F here :D So.. pssst :)

    I have vanilla absolute and it won't dissolve in jojoba :( I was making solid perfume and I even warm it - still nothing... Why? :(

  2. Hi Bellatrix

    First, can you confirm it's absolute, and not oleoresin?

    There are several ways vanilla absolute is produced, and some are resistant to solubility in alcohol, my usual dilution material. The vanilla oleoresins are resistant to dissolving in oil, I believe, although I do not have much experience with them. I remember from past posts on the NP Yahoo group that those who used them found that with time, the scent did impart into the oil!

    Keep trying to stir it, or shake the bottle. Check every week or so to see if the oil is becoming scented. If you wish, write me privately about the source of the absolute - and don't forget to write the supplier, then may be able to help you more.


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