Thursday, September 30, 2010

A look back at the articles I've written, and blogs, since 2004

I posted this on the Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute's blog after I realized the recent list of articles on the Institute's website had never been listed before:
Director and Head Instructor Anya McCoy, natural perfumer of Anya's Garden, just published a list of articles she has authored on the subjects of natural perfumery, perfumery and book reviews since 2004. They are available for download from

McCoy, A. - Natural Perfumery:  A Fragrant Evolution (pub. Aromatic
McCoy, A. - Steve Earl - Position Paper: Defining Natural Perfumery (pub. self)
McCoy, A. - Robert Tisserand, Tony Burfield - IFRA/EU Boycott Primer (pub. self)
McCoy, A. - The Beauty of Botanicals Made Liquid: The Passion of Natural Perfumers (pub.
McCoy, A. - The Stages of Public Acceptance of Natural Perfumery (pub.
McCoy, A. - Book Review: What the Nose Knows (pub.
McCoy, A. - Book Review: The Essence of Perfume (pub.

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