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I rarely check the stats on my website, but I did the other day, and found someone had clicked through to my educational website Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute from Chinese Vogue. What the heck?! LOL.  There's a picture of 190 proof Everclear alcohol, and my name stands out in the chinese words, for sure, so I just had to run the copy through Google translator software. I like that 100% of the respondants wanted to make their own perfume!

Here's the translation:

Even if you are not an alcoholic, there is a wine you should know, not whiskey is not vodka, but Everclear, has recently been widely used home-made perfume. Everclear (pictured) are specifically fermented wine produced in cereal brands, only alcohol 75.5% (151proof) and 95% (190proof) two kinds of wine. Wow, even more than Erguotou "Lie" is much more alcoholic drink should be and it is no different.
DIY for the natural fragrance of Modern Alchemy
The modern trend in terms of the pursuit of personalized, traditional synthetic fragrance was really very monotonous, businesses have ordered a few years ago to launch perfume service. But in addition to expensive, but also the fun of yourself less. If you wish, now you can also create their own perfume absolute self, you can think of myself as an alchemist. Of course, homemade perfume also involves suppression of stem, leaf, petal to get the flavor, is a complex process. But even so, it has become increasingly popular in foreign countries, and as such, fragrance instructor training courses popular in foreign countries to not work recently.
Can not go on training courses abroad, it does not matter. Network has provided fragrance division Anya Mccoy online courses will teach you step by step how to create your own perfume. But I want to remind you, make your own perfume need more practice, natural perfume high price, but also a very broad value-added space. Probably tried later, you wanted to be a natural fragrance perfumers it!
(User vote, I will pick one to send a small prize, prize information published in the next issue of the "Edit Favorites")
1. If possible, you try homemade perfume?

1. I will! I would like to try Votes: 38,100%

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