Anya's Garden Perfumes, and others featured in a New York Times article on "Making Flowers Into Perfume"

Photo of Andrine Olson from the New York Times article on Making Flowers into Perfume. Andrine is the editor for my Natural Perfumery textbook, soon to be published.
The New York Times carried an article on professionals and hobbyists who are extracting the scent of plants from their garden to make perfume. Andrine Olson and Maggie Mahboubian Diana Burrell-Shipton from the Natural Perfumery Yahoo group I host also got on board, along with a lady who is an urban gardener in Bedford-Stuyvesant in New York. Only two of us were lucky enough to get links to our websites included, and I can say I'm SWAMPED with orders. Funny thing is, I had closed my online store because June is so busy for me with students and special projects. I have an assistant coming in tomorrow to help with bottling and labeling. Plus, I created new juice today faster than I ever have - MoonDance flies out of here, and I was low on two other perfumes. Oh, plus I had to create Kudra for the Mystery of Musk project.
The reason they didn't use any photos of me was because I was stressed beyond limits, and it showed in my pictures. My mother had been admitted to the emergency room, had major surgery, and I'm her only caregiver and relative within 1200 miles. She was being transferred that day to the rehab center, I was launching the Mystery of Musk perfume that day and Blogger didn't cooperate, so I had to hand code everything, it was 95F and 90 humidity, and I was in pain.  Plus, very little sleep for two weeks or more.

I'm not complaining, not at all. '-) This Times article is the first time they have ever covered natural perfumery, and it's a great big boost for our art! About 30 new folks have joined the Yahoo group since reading it, and it hasn't been out 24 hours. Oh, and the guy who does my garden maintenance got his first picture credit in the New York Times, so he's over the moon, too.

And yesterday, when the article came out online, my mother got the post-op evaluation from her surgeon, and it's a miracle, but they were able to make her legs match in length (the left one was 2" shorter and she wore a lift on her shoe) and the hip replacement took well, and she was progressing beautifully. He said she'll probably be able to walk without a cane or walker. At age 90.

Within 24 hours, I've had over 10,000 hits to my sitel.

Life is good.


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