Saturday, May 01, 2010

When you have a head for perfume.....

...................when you have a head for perfume, it shows! My $5 score at an antique store today.
She is officially Ms. PerfumeHead. Funny thing is I've been thinking about the phrase PerfumeHead a lot lately, probably due to the influence of Natural Perfumers Guild member Aromahead, and I just registered the domain. I guess I'll just build a fun little domain around her. Maybe stories of perfumeheads. Oh, I'm in a silly mood!

FTR, she's 5" tall. Probably pewter. No labels on the base.

Here she's vamping with some just-picked peach-scented frangipanis from the garden.

I just had the background clipped out:


  1. Oh my gosh, what a classy, funny lady. What a great find!

  2. I just got the background clipped out - even better! Iconic image ;-)

  3. I love it,and I want one too! :-D

  4. She kind of reminds me of "Oscar". Perhaps she could become the award statuette for natural perfumers!

  5. Some Basenotes members suggested names and I really like Gilda (the pun of Gilda PerfumeHead is not lost on me) and Gala PerfumeHead, after Dali's wife. She looks ready for a Gala!

  6. i'd definitely rather be a perfumehead than an airhead


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