Monday, May 24, 2010

How do you choose a perfumery instructor?

I've rewritten some of the homepage for my online natural perfumery course at Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute, and I've added some Q & A about how to choose an instructor. Not many potential students knew who I was, or my credentials before I began teaching online in 2007, but I had some independently-reviewed perfumes to my credit, and five years of helping aspiring perfumers for free in the Yahoo group I host. I also had about 15 years of experience with a perfume line - Anya's Tropical Essences - and both private label and custom perfume creation.

I'll soon be admitting students year-round, due to the high demand for a place in the class. After I cut off the registration in February, more than a dozen students wrote in the week following that, and, at first I was going to begin a new semester in October 2010, but after speaking with other veteran online instructors, am going to allow the open admittance policy.

Here are some of the benefits of my online perfumery course:

  • There are no prerequisites
  • Study with an award-winning perfumer who has seven years experience mentoring perfumers
  • Sign up at any time, start your studies immediately
  • Take up to one year to complete your studies, and stay enrolled for one additional year
  • Coursework based on the methods and techniques of French perfumery schools
  • Have 24-hour access to the online course
  • Study anywhere - even on vacation
  • Network with students from around the world
  • Have access to the website and chat group for one year after studies finish.
  • Ask questions in the forum of the instructor and receive answers within 24 hours 
  • Six professionally-designed and edited Modules, plus a Bonus Module
  • Recorded lectures
  • Online fun perfumery quizzes, hundreds of books and articles and more......

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