Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anya's Garden Perfumes MoonDance and Fairchild Reviewed on Cafleurebon

I created this graphic collage for Fairchild Perfume when it was released.

When I remember back to 2005 and the resistance among perfumistas to natural perfumes, I can only smile at how we're being accepted now by mainstream perfume reviewers. As many on the forums say "I don't care now if a perfume is natural or contains synthetics, I only want a perfume to smell beautiful."

Mark Behnke, who writes for Cafleurebon and Basenotes, and who has reviewed 500 perfumes in his career, is definitely someone who keeps an open mind about natural perfumes. I am truly awed by the power my first release, Fairchild, had over him. I'm so happy it brought back memories of walks with his father in Fairchild Gardens, which was the real world place I based this perfume upon.

The other review on Cafleurebon today is by Rodney Hughes, a Professional Perfumer in the Natural Perfumers Guild. Rodney creates gorgeous perfumes himself, and imagine my surprise when he declared my MoonDance perfume "his lover". Wow!

You can read the reviews here:


And many thanks to Michelyn Camen for making Cafleurebon a reality, a salon where lovers of high-quality, artistic perfumes can gather.


  1. I'm thrilled for you !

    It's TIME ;-)

  2. Chaya, it really was something how my two perfumes touched those reviewers, wasn't it? I was humbled by it.


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