Happy Earth Day everyone. 

I've celebrated this day since the first one, on Belmont Plateau, in Fairmount Park, in Philadelphia. Have we come far? I don't think so, but awareness is out there, more and more, but change is slow. I never thought we'd be facing new, different environmental challenges on top of the ones we had then.

One constant in my life, earth-wise? I loved natural essential oils then, and I still do. I reject mainstream perfumes because of the environmental issues they cause with my body, and that I find them often "flat" smelling. I adore the richness and complexity of natural aromatics, from the flowers in the garden, the pine groves with their clean, fresh scent, and all of the natural extracts, from essential oils, concretes, absolutes, tinctures, CO2s  and more.

Natural Perfumery truly seems to be a good outcome of environmental awareness and love of beautiful aromatic raw materials, blended with consciousness and intelligence. Thoughtful, beautiful natural perfumes. Good for you, good for the earth.


  1. Be patient hon', and don't underestimate the power of what you, and I and so many others are doing....
    It's a ripple effect.
    Just look back 20 years! Enviromental awareness was almost a dirty word used only by scruffy hippies (like yours truly). Now it's a huge topic at every election, you can find organic food in supermarkets and everyone talks about it!
    And now even mainstream perfumers are (at least pretending to) sell organic natural scents! We have come a long way baby!

  2. Hi Ambrosia:

    Thanks for commenting - you always have great insights!


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