Monday, April 26, 2010

Floral Harvest from a Perfumer's Garden - Anya's Garden ;-)

Click to enlarge and see the beauty of this morning's harvest from the front of the house at Casa Jasmin, where Anya's Garden Perfumes blooms under the tropical sun. I got this quick harvest this morning before the "big" storm hit, and I just beat it by minutes.

The big mixing bowl holds about a gallon of liquid, but in other terms, there are 30 vietnamese gardenias in there (about 3" across for reference), several golden champaca flowers, and the tiny yellow darlings are Aglaia odorata flowers. Into the alcohol tincture for the champacas and aglaias, into the enfleurage tray for the gardenias. I'm so lucky! Oh, the bamboo skewer you see on the right was used to "pollinate" my vanilla orchid flower. Let's see if I get a bean. ;-) The vanilla orchid just started blooming, and I have to go out every day for the one flower a day on the vine to try to get a harvest by hand-pollination. It's fun!


  1. What a beautiful bowl of Fleur's! I can almost smell them.
    You were very blessed to get them before the storm.

  2. Lovely! If only I had the "touch" to grow a beautiful garden lol.

  3. Anya, your flowers and the photo are so beautiful. It's so amazing to live with the fresh essences of such a variety of living flowers.

  4. Carol, Lisa, Sharon - it gets better. I snapped that photo when I got inside, a bit in a hurry to blog before the storm hit. I forgot I had a bunch of jasmine sambac 'maid of orleans' flowers on the bottom! They were the first I picked as they're at the bottom of my front steps. That's the jasmine used in rice and tea - and my perfumes. All the vietnamese gardenias are in enfleurage now, the aglaia and champacas and sambacs in tincture. Smells heavenly in here!

  5. I agree with everyone. As soon as I saw the photo, it was if I could smell them. Beautiful.

  6. I forgot I planted a Jasmine Sambac last year but because I have an invasive purple flowered plant that I can't seem to get rid of the Jasmine was hidden.
    Just went out to look and it is full of buds and I was able to get one that was open. It smells like pure heaven! I also noticed that my Zygopetalum Mericlone Orchid is in bloom and has a beautiful fragrance too.
    Thanks Anya for reminding me to go out and check my few fragrant plants!

  7. How wonderful Anya. You are blessed. My gardenias are not flowering yet but my roses are popping out new buds all the time. The champacas look like the ones we took to temple and bought garlands of them in India.

    I can just imagine the great smell..

  8. How deliciously lovely! Too early here for real summer flowers, so it's nice to see them from your garden! :-)


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