Sunday, January 03, 2010

Boronia boudoir

About 1.5grams of pricey, rare boronia absolute, just in from Tasmania, just spilled in my studio

I posted about my Patchouli panties in 2008. This undergarment scenting occurred by accident when I put a washcloth that I had mopped up a minor patchouli essential oil spill with into the laundry with my undergarments.

Due to a farktabulous spill I had about an hour ago when pouring the 2010 boronia absolute for the Natural Perfumers Guild buy, I'll now have a boronia boudoir. This was the biggest spill I've ever made, with one of the most expensive, rare aromatics in the world. We in the Guild are fortunate that the Tasmanian producer sells to us, as he had in 2009, since their supply is so low. They're just servicing their longterm corporate clients, but made an exception for the Guild, realizing that it is lovely to get some spread around amongst the artisan natural perfumers. About 25 Guild members are anxiously awaiting their boronia, and one is coming by this afternoon to pick hers up.

So there I was, red in the face and orange in the hand. I don't even think I was distracted, and the brown bottle wasn't too opaque as I poured from one to the other in an attempt to get a little of the "newly extracted note" to dissipate.

Thank god I practice what I preach, and teach all my students the importance of using a spill tray to catch klutzy splatters. There was a 'spill tray' underneath and it caught the ooze out of the overfilled bottle. All the labels: orange-brown. Ditto my hands. I did was any self-respecting scent addict would do - I rubbed the sides of the big bottles that were covered in the thick aromatic, into my hair. Then I wiped down the bottles with the paper towel you see on the tray. Then I pipetted up most of the spill, admired the abstract art of my clumsiness, took this photo, then wiped up the rest of the spill and laughed.

My lingerie drawer is going to smell so good! This stuff stains due to the high carotenoid content, so I'll put the towel in a little open box, and enjoy the scented beauty each time I open the drawer and put something on from there.


  1. As soon as I saw the picture my hands went to my mouth and I said "OH NO!". I have spilled a couple drops here and there of less expensive oils, and I admire you for handling it in such a good humored way! Mind you, I bet it smells amazing!

    All my Best,


  2. Too bad computers/online photographs don't have scratch-n-sniff compatibility! What a lovely mess!


  3. Julie, I was in shock for a minute, but I do have extra, so the shock subsided. I know this will be a good warning to those who are getting the 4ml bottles, though, and that's good. Be careful, everyone!


  4. That's pretty funny, WurdGurl, but you can see how rich the scent is by the color and unctuousness of the texture of the oil, so let that trigger SmellOVision in your head, lol.



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