Thursday, November 05, 2009

Third English language article by Edmond Roudnitska - "The Novice and His Perfume Palette" available

The third of six article in English by famed perfumer Edmond Roudnitska has been uploaded to Anya's Garden Perfumes website. Titled "The Novice and His Perfume Palette", it was published by Dragoco in 1982. In it you will find a methodology that I believe is still used in perfume classes at Givaudan, pioneered by Jean Carles and Roudnitska. If any perfume historian can corroborate this, I would be happy to publish the information.

Both self-taught perfumers, Carles and Roudnitska pioneered a strict methodology to teach novice perfumers how to learn the scent/memory association. In the Dragodo article, Roudnitska strives to share his take on how the context of fragrance families helps the beginner learn both context and association.

I have used a method like this since the beginning of my classes in natural perfumery. I devised forms to record the information gleaned from the study, and progressed on to the methodology I formulated to take the beginner step-by-step into the lifelong learning process that a perfumer must pursue.

More will be published later this week here on this blog about my upcoming classes, since sign up will start in late November/early December. Classical French perfumery study methodology adapted for natural aromatics are the core curriculum in my course, and I'm happy to share the seminal work by Roudnitska that made this all possible.

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