When A Perfume Customer Needs Some Guidance

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I created a new card that I include when mailing out samples of my perfume. Realizing that a whiff of Fairchild could overwhelm the nose if the next whiff was a delicate perfume like Pan, I decided to create the card to guide my customers through a 'vertical flight' of scent intensity.

Not saying Pan perfume is weak - it's not at all. It's cozy and musky and a cult favorite. It's longlasting and extremely wearable, too. It's just that on a scent intensity scale of 1 to 5, it's a 3 and Fairchild is a 4. Definitely a 4, bordering on a 5, which I reserve for Kaffir and StarFlower.

The perfumistas on the Perfume of Life forum are chatting in a thread that was started today that touches upon this, comparing wine descriptives to perfume terms, so I joined in with the intensity factor, which I feel is very important.

It's good to keep this in mind if you're visiting a perfume counter and have an array of perfumes to choose from. Ask the SA if she could rank them by scent intensity, and if she doesn't understand the concept, explain that Gucci Rush is on the high end, and Thierry Mugler Cologne on the low end. Hope she/he gets it and you can enjoy a sensible, logical way to spritz and evaluate.


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