Thursday, October 29, 2009

Second English Language Edmond Roudnitska Article Available - "Perfumery and Marketing"

Second Edmond Routnitska article available for download at Anya's Garden -
"Perfumery and Marketing"

Written in 1970, "Perfumery and Marketing" is the second in a series of six articles by Edmond Roudnitska that are being made available for the first time on the Internet. Michel Roudnitska, Edmond's son and a renowned perfumer in his own right, was kind enough to share them with me when I inquired about the availability of English language writings by his father.

The articles are available in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader. Please feel free to spread the word about these treasures, because for so long those of us who only speak English, or have English as a second language, but not French as a first, have been unable to take in his wisdom.

I have scanned the articles to the best of my ability while still attempting to minimize their size for those with slow downloads. I have found that with the two articles so far that even though they are a big hazy to read on the computer screen, they print out beautifully.

The next article, which I will make available towards the end of next week will be very exciting for perfumery students. I did smile when I read it, since many of the studio conditions, family associations and other elements I teach are laid out by him decades before - and much more skillfully and beautifully written than my instructions, too. :-)

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