Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perfume Design: Anya's Garden MoonDance and StarFlower: Evolution and Morphing

MoonDance - an Evolutionary Style Perfume

StarFlower - a Morphing Style Perfume

I recently-launched StarFlower and MoonDance, two fragrances that were designed in two very different ways. There is a historic perfume style that is classic: evolution. Most traditional perfumery schools and textbooks teach that a perfume should evolve smoothly, transiting from top to base notes, with a heart that melds them together. My MoonDance perfume is blended in that manner, and as one reviewer wrote me privately "is very subtle in the changes." That is the exact effect I was looking for.

The lovely, fragrant MoonFlower (not to be confused with MoonDance!) slowly unfolds in an evolution that is subtle and beautiful. The tiny bud slowly opens to reveal a larger version of itself, color intact, form barely changed over time. The pointed petal tips, arranged in a rounded, clock-like fashion, softly blend into the overall form of the fully-emerged flower. There is an innate, sophisticated beauty to such an evolution, and nature has given a hint of the final shape from the tiniest bud form of the flower.

StarFlower perfume was designed to morph dramatically, to showcase my artistic vision how the innocent-looking beguiling white flowers can trick you into coming closer for a sniff, only to reveal their sultry, sexy undercurrent. Another writer picked up on this immediately writing "it starts out sprightly, and turns dark and carnal." Wonderful! Exactly what I was going for.

This image helps convey the reasoning behind the design of StarFlower perfume - it might start out "sprightly" with lemon, cherry and almond notes, but it quickly starts to morph into something bigger, deeper, darker, voluminous.

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