Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Trademark Silliness - squatting on common words makes no sense, morally or otherwise, just looks petty

Trademark squatters over common words are so out of control. A few years ago, I was threatened by Bond No. 9 owner Laurice Rahme's attorneys because I named one of my perfumes Riverside, and she claimed control over the name Riverside in fragrance due to her Riverside Drive. I simply changed the name to RiverCali.
Then another perfumer got heat from the same attorneys over the use of the word "Peace" in a perfume, because again, Rahme claimed the word was hers alone to use. If you google Anya's Garden, Rahme, trademark, you'll find many bloggers covered this issue. I didn't have the money or inclination to fight Rahme, but now the squatters fight is getting lots of press and money thrown at it.

Two folks with lots of money are going to battle, and the squatter lost the first round. Who in the heck thinks its reasonable to squat on the word "nude"? I have termed the word "squatter" for the omnivorous trademarker who, like those who squat on website registrations of the names of famous folks are deemed squatters. It's just wrong, IMHO.

What's next? "homme", "spring", etc., any and every common word in any language?


  1. Seems like people are becoming a little unreasonable, since indeed these are common, everyday used words...It would have been something entirely different if it were a clever combination of words or a wordplay or something. But the point's not!

  2. Unreasonable. Nuisance-making. I hate them doing that!


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