Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now Smell This Hosts Giveaway and Announcement of Launch of Kaffir in Cologne strength

About a year and a half ago, Kevin of the Now Smell This blog reviewed my Kaffir perfume and stated he wished it was available in cologne strength for summer. Cost also figured in, and a hope for a bigger bottle. Well, I didn't make it last summer, but I have small 15ml spray cologne offerings of the zesty and leathery/woody Kaffir ready for this summer. (Yes, a perfume can open zesty and get all leathery and sexy and woody!)

I wrote Robin, the head honcho of NST and offered her the exclusive release of Kaffir and a bottle to be awarded to a US or Canadian winner of a random draw. There were so many quick responses, and so many disappointed late entrants, I promptly offered two more bottles. As soon as I get the winner's addresses, the bottles will be in the mail, resplendent in their unique recycled boxes - that will grow wildflowers if planted!

Its just a way to give back to the community, to thank Kevin for planting the idea of a cologne, and for Robin for being such a pioneer and great egg in the blogging community.

Kaffir is perfect for summer, and I hope everyone enjoys it - and the affordable price of $35 for the 15mls.

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  1. Such a great idea!!!! Wishing you & your business well :)


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