Anya's Garden Temple Perfume Featured in Sniffapalooza Magazine

The March 1, 2009 issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine features Anya's Garden Temple Perfume in the article Comforting Scents for Uncomfortable Times by Michelyn Camen, Senior Contributing Editor. Temple was created with the purpose of comforting and focusing people - particularly, but not limited to women - who had undergone a traumatic incident. I gave away 100 samples for those who asked for a sample because I felt it was just a good way to pay forward the comfort and security I had found from natural aromatics, friends and family.

The outpouring of intimate and touching stories that accompanied the request for samples humbled and also encouraged me I was on the right path with my concept. So, Temple, my first aromatherapy perfume was introduced to the world. Aromatherapy perfumes are created with a purpose, and the purpose is healing on some level, always.

Myself, I find Temple a bit overpowering to wear. The deep, narcotic Oud used in it overwhelms my nose, and instead I use it on a tissue, or in a bit of water in a tea light warmer, where it diffuses into the room and accomplishes what it is intended to do - soothe and relax. To others, Oud is the mother of all aromatics, the one that resonates to them on the deepest level. In it's own way, Oud works its magic, whether you can wear it or not. It is the "go-to" fragrance for strength, comfort and centering.


  1. Hi Anya-

    I see that you are in Gabbriella's Sampler. I am one of her merchants as well.

    I just wanted to tell you that your design is very classy and I plan to pick up one of Karen's samplers next month so I hope you are in there!

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