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Room Perfume - Incense Warmer is a wonderful smoke-free way to add natural fragrance to your home or office

Natural Perfumers Guild member Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magickal Arts is the Supplier of this wonderful gadget that allows me to enjoy incense once again. I'm very allergic to smoke. I used to smoke two packs a day and quit many years ago. I guess it was just overexposure to smoke that brought the allergy on. The first bad episode I remember was in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. They burned tons of debris for weeks on end, and started coughing, having respiratory problems and headaches. No - wait. I remember an earlier incident. In 1987 I was visiting my family up north and we went to a restaurant and there was smoking and I was "stuffed up" for a week. But the Andrew aftermath really got me good, and by that I mean bad. During the mid-90's, I did some freelance PR work for music artists here in Miami, but by 98 or so I had to stop because they still allowed smoking in clubs and I just couldn't attend events I had planned and was hosting. I still used st

Anya's Garden Temple Perfume Featured in Sniffapalooza Magazine

The March 1, 2009 issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine features Anya's Garden Temple Perfume in the article Comforting Scents for Uncomfortable Times by Michelyn Camen, Senior Contributing Editor. Temple was created with the purpose of comforting and focusing people - particularly, but not limited to women - who had undergone a traumatic incident. I gave away 100 samples for those who asked for a sample because I felt it was just a good way to pay forward the comfort and security I had found from natural aromatics, friends and family. The outpouring of intimate and touching stories that accompanied the request for samples humbled and also encouraged me I was on the right path with my concept. So, Temple, my first aromatherapy perfume was introduced to the world. Aromatherapy perfumes are created with a purpose, and the purpose is healing on some level, always. Myself, I find Temple a bit overpowering to wear. The deep, narcotic Oud used in it overwhelms my nose, and instead I use it on

Perfume and fragrance and body care business owners - don't be caught asleep at the wheel with the FDAGA2009 HR 759

You can't move forward in fear. You must be motivated and feel you have some power, some ability to change things, or effect a different outcome. The following blog is meant to erase fear and replace it with a sense of being awake and aware at the forces that shape our artful industry. What is all means to me: I don't want any more government regulations that can limit my ability to conduct a safe, environmentally-friendly small business. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If you have a small USA-based business that manufactures perfume, aromatherapy or body care products such as lotions, body butters, soaps (soaps with a claim of moisturizing or some other attribute beyond cleaning) and related products, the Federal Drug Administration's Global Harmonization Act of 2009 (FDAGA2009), currently in committee, but fast moving towards a vote into law, can pose problematic to you continuing your business. The requirements for testing, paperwork and personnel ar

The Architecture of the new Grasse International Perfume Museum

Many of us perfumers and perfume lovers have read about the opening of the refurbished International Perfume Museum in Grasse, France in October, 2008. There is a short, illustrated piece from Metropolis magazine that captures the theory and application behind the design, and for me, a former landscape architect who loves design as much as I love perfume, it transports me there, immediately. I am able to understand how and why the architect Fréd­éric Jung arrived at the final design. Here is a link to the article.

More to worry about - spread the word - hidden in the FDA Globalization Act 2009 HR 759

From the Farm Stand to the Farmers Market - if you make food or cosmetics, the FDA wants to change your way of life I've been putting these mini updates on Twitter and Facebook to the neglect of my blog. I'm going to start posting them here, too. Spread the word, and look for a more in-depth post in a few days. 1. The way the FDAGA2009 is written - it reads like there are no fees now, but they can set fees in a year or two. At their discretion. 2. The FDAGA2009 revised - allows an exemption for foodie small businesses (to be given special consideration because they are a small business) but NO exemption for cosmetic small businesses! Big trouble looming. More later. 3. T he FDAGA09 will allow the FDA to force registration of farm kitchen goods for sale. Up til now, it was the USDA. TWO Federal agencies in your kitchen? All artisan, craft and indie associations we can find will be contacted about this. If you can spread the word to foodies - breadmakers, chocolatiers, folks wit

Book Review: Roja Dove's "The Essence of Perfume

Anya McCoy's review of "The Essence of Perfume" by Roja Dove has been published by Basenotes .

Please spread this letter to all natural aromatics groups and blogs - EU-based bad science is once again gunning for natural aromatics

Hello Everyone: For those of you who know me and know how long and how hard I have fought against the creeping over-regulation of natural aromatics, please be aware that here is a new threat: a thesis from a student who seems to be on track with the bad science and agenda of RIFM. I hope you can perhaps give back to the natural aromatics community by paying attention to our fight against the US Food and Drug Administrations Global Harmonization Act of 2009, which is the way the EU anti-naturals, anti-small business agenda makers are getting their foot in the door of our government. It will mean the end of our businesses, and perhaps even the end of our access to natural oils for home use. I've already posted this on the Natural Perfumers Guild blog and my blog, and I urge you to do the same if you have a blog, and also send it to relevant aromatherapy or perfumery groups you may be on. Anya Here is Tony's open letter - please spread it across the internet and if you can, work i

So what if your perfume might stain? So does coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

Saffron stigmas Saffron absolute, made from the stigmas of the Crocus sativa flower are prized in cookery because of the slightly bitter, aromatic flavor they impart to food. The thread-like stigmas also impart a shade of yellow to the food, ranging from pale to moderately orange-yellow. The color comes from the catetonoid content of the stigmas, the same coloring agent found in tomatoes. Like tomatoes, saffron can stain clothes if you drop some of that yummy risotto you've made with the stigmas onto your white shirt. Like tomato, the saffron stain is pretty stubborn to remove. So, you are careful when you twirl the spaghetti on a fork, laden with marinara sauce, and you are careful when you lift the fork of saffron risotto to your lips. You pretty much take the same care when drinking coffee, tea or wine - same staining power, different dye chemical. Still, the same idea. Just be careful so you can enjoy your meal or drink. Over the years I've spoken with perfumers and even a

The FDA Globalization Act of 2009 HR 759 is cause for alarm to all artisan businesspeople

What the FDAGA 2009 will do to the American artisan food of cosmetic businessperson Do you make any body care or foodie product in the artisan manner? Artisan soap, artisan bread, artisan cheese, artisan perfume, etc? Don't let your guard down over the new "improved" Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009 (FDAGA2009). Please bookmark the links I'm providing here, you'll need them if you are an artisan. Also subscribe to this blog and others who are updating our efforts to understand (and in my case, fight) the FDAGA2009. A big sigh of relief went out from many who had opposed the horrifying fees proposed in the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2008 were eliminated from the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009. I agree, dropping the fee was a great act. I called Donna Maria of the Indie Beauty Network in early June of 2008, alarmed. I had blogged about it the month before, and knew it was trouble, but couldn't figure out just what the trouble was. Don