Just when I take some time to catch up, Mr. Wiggles wiggles into my backyard

What a handsome, sweet big dog. Just about the last think I need in my life right now. I am juggling so many clients, students and obligations it's ridiculous. We seldom have barking dogs in my village as there is a pretty stern law against it. When I heard a dog barking around 4:30 a.m., I thought it might be the new people who moved in with a big dog they keep in the backyard. When I moved to the back of my house, I realized the barking was coming from the alley, not the direction where the new folks and dog were.

I went back to sleep. Over the next two-plus hours the dog barked on and off, from up and down the block, front and back. I figured it was a stray, and felt sorry for the poor thing. At 7:15, as I was getting up, I heard a big "woof" in the side yard next to my bedroom, where a wall deadends the yard. I parted the curtain, and his big, happy face looked up at me, he got on his hind legs, and you could imagine him saying "a people - a people who will take care of me." Yeah, I'm that much a sucker.

In a flash, he had a big bowl of water at the back door, and a big bowl of cat nibbles. This is a house with four cats, and there is no way I could let him in. He was all "a'wiggle", head to tip of the tail, and from the other side of the glass, looked at Mimi without reacting. At least he isn't aggressive towards cats, a good sign.

I went out and played with him and he just couldn't get enough pets. No tag on his collar, raggedy leash still attached dragging behind him. He never barked after he laid eyes on me, and I could tell he thought he found his forever home. Sorry, Mr. Wiggles, we have to try to find your owner or another home.

Two photos later, his mug and story were out to the local neighbors and also the bigger village mail list. I called a local rescue organization, and was told to try to get him scanned for a microchip, and if he's still here in a day or two, he'd come by and give vaccinations. So kind! I doubt there's any room in his shelter, as they have over 150 dogs.

Well, between business and family obligations today I was not able to get him scanned, and the most I could do for his comfort was put a nice rug on the patio for him to lay on instead of the concrete. I was worried because temperatures are supposed to drop into the 40's Saturday night, and I have no way to bring him inside.

It really tore me up all day, worrying and wondering what is going to happen to Mr. Wiggles. I went outside several times to play with him, and as I tried to remember some of what I've seen on the Dog Whisperer, he proceeded to jump up repeatedly, "nom" on my arm (totally gentle), kiss me, and of course, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. I did get him to calm down in about five minutes, so the Dog Whisperer stuff must have worked.

At 6:30, a neighbor called. She had just gotten home from work and saw the email, and came right down. She lost her big, beautiful Doberman last year, and still has a dog house in her back yard and knows how to take care of dogs. Whew! She walked him down to her house, and we'll see about trading duties with him until this is resolved. At least I know he can be sheltered Saturday night in a cozy, well-built dog house.

Oh, he took off with her in a flash and I'm but a dim memory - you gotta love dogs for that, LOL! I'm going to get some more pics of him, he really stole my heart. I think he has a lot of pit bull in him, maybe lab, and with his handsome "Tuxedo" markings, a truly cutie pie dog.

8:30 PM update - the neighbor had to return him, he barked and was agitated. He wasn't like that in my yard, and she thinks because my patio is right by big windows and a door, and he could see inside. Her yard faces her garage side wall, and he was cut off.

Oh, I'm so worried - he may be pit bull mix and in Dade county that's outlawed, and if the police find him, he'll be put to sleep :-(


  1. He sounds so adorable. I hope they are able to find a good home for him.

  2. Poor little guy! He was lucky to find you. Have you tried putting up fliers around town, checking with animal control to see if any dogs were reported missing, or maybe putting a notice on the local Craigslist? Good luck with him! I hope you can find his home.


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