I wrote to Obama's Administration today about the Energy and Commerce Committee's efforts to levy fees of $2000-$12000 on small artisan businesses

I'm working with others to organize a two-pronged effort to expose the agenda of the Energy and Commerce Committee to effectively shut down our artisan businesses. Are you the member of a Guild of association of like-minded folks who make bread, body care products, toys, cheese, wine or any other made-in-America proudly and lovingly handcrafted item? You need to join us.

Please volunteer - write me at my website contact page.

You can visit the White House page and register your objection to the FDA Globalization Act or it new incarnation - not sure what the name will be yet. Click on the contact page and send your message. Here's what I wrote (messages are limited to 500 characters.)

The Energy and Commerce Department is pushing the FDA Globalization Act or a form thereof and it will effectively put small artisan business out of business. We are organizing a grassroots group of associations of artisans - bread, cheese, perfume, bath and body care, etc. to fight the fees they wish to levy on us - from $2000 to $12000 per company. The Obama Administration needs to be aware of the Draconian law they wish to pass because it will destroy many small businesses.


Again, please step up to volunteer. We need folks who will contact the various artisan groups and communicate with them. I have a good starter list, but it needs expansion to include more artisan guilds and associations.


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