Pass me the oakmoss and a crooked banana I'm going to live dangerously - Fight the FDA Global Harmonization Act of 2008

I was noodling around the Internet this morning and found this:

"Until recently, the EU banned the sale of ugly carrots with knobby protrusions, cucumbers that were grossly curved, and equally unaesthetic specimens of 24 other fruits and vegetables. "It makes no sense to throw perfectly good products away, just because they are the 'wrong' shape," said the EU's commissioner for agriculture."

I've often related to disbelieving friends and colleagues that the EU is so out of hand with their Draconian, bad-science, big brother is watching you (and forcing you out of business) mentality that they regulated the curve in bananas. Too much curve, can't be sold in the EU. My particular peeve with them is the bad science and horrid fees they impose on perfumers both artisanal and corporate alike. They've been partly to blame for the reformulation of many perfume classics, deeming oakmoss and orange oil alike too dangerous for us poor silly uneducated masses to wear.

So then I found an article on their backing down on some veggie regs in the NYT. You have to be registered to read the full article, I think.

I'm so tired of the fight against their regs and their looming Global Harmonization, which, if plans of the FDA go through in implementing it, will be passed by Congress. Below are links to past blogs by myself on the EU and IFRA issues, and some blogs by others who are also involved in the fight against Global Harmonization.

Pass me the crooked banana and oakmoss - I feel like living dangerously. Not.


Oh, I'm exhausted. Ever wonder why I don't have more perfumes out? Heh.

Read. Remember. Rebel. That's all I ask.


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